Sunday, September 19, 2010

Milani Creme Brulip Color Gloss

When the Creme de la Creme Collection of Milani first launched a few months back, I said I wouldn't get anything but here I go, caving in and bought two of the glosses...Well, what can I say? I am a woman after all(not to mention a lip-product addict on top of that).
Milani Creme Brulip Color Gloss is a liquid lip color with a baked sweet scent. There aren't that much product inside each tube but I guess the pigmentation of the gloss more than made up for it.As the name suggests, these color gloss provides ample amount of color with each swipe, I would say the color it has is more intense than many lipstick I have tried. The gloss itself is not sticky, but it feels concentrated and a bit "thick" therefore it doesn't feel like or watery either.
Strawberry Parfait is a bright, blue-pink. I didn't need much to achieve a full coverage and the color itself lasts well over an hour (before I wiped it off to try something else).
Berry Brulee is a creamy mauve pink, just a tad darker than strawberry parfait. The two shades I have tried has the same texture and offer the same coverage, which is pretty decent for a drugstore product.

Overall: If you love liquid lip color and can still get a hold of it (Well, some stores hold on to their limited editions for quite a while), the Creme Brulip Color Gloss are worth looking into.


  1. berry brulee is the perfect mauve colour. love it!

  2. Berry Brulee looks beautiful!

  3. Wow, this is one gorgeous gloss! Iam wearing pink lipstick at the moment and this would look great with it! :)

  4. Wow, gorgeous. I want strawberry parfait

  5. How do they compare to Revlon superlustrous glosses? The packaging reminds me of Revlon's. I definitely have to check them out!

  6. Fifi:
    It's actually very different from the Revlon super lustrous glosses,the texture is a bit more fluid but it feels quite concentrated, the gloss itself is quite pigmented that it actually leaves a (light) stain behind, so I would actually call the Milani a liquid lipstick instead of just a gloss.


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