Monday, August 09, 2010

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Natural Origin Superfruit Lip Gloss

I have always said I hate Organic makeup and skincare (because for their more expensive than average price, they simply don't perform all that well on me) but I think I have found something that would at least somewhat clean up their bad reputation.
Physicians Formula Organic Wear Natural Origin Super fruit Lip Gloss (what a mouthful) was a purchase from the seasonal clearance sale back in January, I am guessing it has already been discontinued but I will review it anyway, just in case if you see this in your local discount stores like Big Lot or TJ-Maxx.
The shade I picked, Super Rose, is a muted mauve pink with tiny pink and blue shimmer. Unlike most organic glosses I have tried, which contain beeswax and canola oil as a base (high potential of being gooey, thick and nasty), the Physicians Formula gloss (I tossed the box away so I forgot the ingredients used...speaking of box...Why is a "earth friendly" product having relatively sizable box as outer packaging again? Isn't it kind of ironic?) feel rather light, moisturizing and gel-like.
Even the Physicians Formula Organic lip gloss looks pigmented on the back of the hand, the color itself appears lighter once it blends into the natural lip color (no matter how many layers you use) so I guess there is no need for purchasing several shades from the same range. As of the finish, it feels balmy and comfortable on the lips that sometime I to just use it as a lip balm.

Overall: A great deal for 2 bucks (the clearance price) but you might need to think twice before buying it as there are so many great and affordable glosses out there.


  1. I like how it makes your lips really full and glossy^0^. Love your lip products reviews!!

  2. I like the color and the price is even better. I have been curious about their tinted moisturizer... Nice review btw

  3. WONDERFUL! I love the hand swatch and the lip swatch!!! Gosh its just shiny and shimmery not over the top! I super love!!! 2 bucks?????

  4. That's a beautiful shade, your lips look so glossy!

  5. A great blog! I found it searching for a review about a lip gloss and went back to read all the reviews. Will keep reading!


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