NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose

Do you sometime get tricked into buying products because of pretty name? For some reason I just assumed that this less-than-three-dollar lipstick would have some Chanel elements because of the name Tea Rose...
NYX Round Lipsticks has been a popular item among bloggers and Youtubers for quite a while but for some reasons I didn't try the line out until now (probably because they are not really widely available in drugstore and for what's displayed, there is never that much to chose from) .
Anyway, the shade I have picked is called Tea Rose - a neutral pink with a very slight touch of brown. As you can see, the lipstick is quite creamy, or I should say "liquid-y" that not only a big goop of product would come off with the tiniest bit of pressure, I also feel that the lipstick will smash and break from the base if I don't handle it delicately.

The lipstick also has a strange artificial floral scent that reminds me of insect repellent, it's not too strong or bothersome but I guess NYX could use something better. Ok, now let's get to the product review...NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose offers great coverage without the thick waxy feel and the color itself is quite wearable and flattering. The fluid texture of the lipstick makes it more likely to travel elsewhere and/or get swiped off more easily.

Overall: I guess it's a neat product but I just don't quite like it.


  1. The color looks absolutely fabulous on you though. Too bad about the scent/texture.

  2. the colour and consistency looks amazing!

  3. Did you get a new camera ? photos look a lot better. It's amazing how that same lipstick looks a million times different on my lips. Also I don't understand why yours came out liquidy, mines is actually a bit too drying nowadays. And I agree they need to change their scents, I'm sick of smelling raspberries and lemon every time I use their lipsticks and glosses.

  4. I have this, but yours look great on your lips, mine looks different, probably because my lips are darker :D

  5. Asami:
    Thanks...I think I would love it if Rimmel does a color like this with their moisture renew formula...I just don't like lipstick that slip right away.

    I like the color too, not sure about the texture though.

    On, I did get a new camera (at the end of last year). I think the main reason the pictures look better is that I stretched the layout abit a while back so now I am able to post bigger pictures ( I also tried to minimize surrounding skin areas so every lip swatch you will see a huge picture of my mouth without that much space for upper lips or chin) ...

    For the consistency, it might has something to do with the temperature down here...but even when the lipstick is fluid-like, I don't think it's moisturizing at all...somehow I feel like it's a think slippery layer blocking moisture from getting in...

  6. Nikki:
    My lip color has a tendency to make some colors bluer that they are.

  7. The color looks great on you!

  8. i hate the smell of nyx lipsticks too! i love the colors though <3 and it looks amazing on you :D

    hi! i'm mimi! i love your blog, i hope you don't mind if i add you :D

  9. I have found that all of the NYX lipsticks that I've tried all have that same texture. I've had to depot every single one that I've owned; never fails.

  10. I have Thalia and don't remember the insect repelent smell lol. That was funny though. This is a lovely color and it looks good on you. I have to see it in person.

  11. Gio:

    Luckily it's not too strong.

    The problem for me is that I don't want to spend more effort on a product I don't love all that much...

    Hell Note from beauty:
    Thalia seems like a nice color as well...maybe a bit too neutral for my taste.

  12. It's been a while, so don't know if anyone will see this. I have 10 or 11 NYX lipsticks, and I love them. They do not "miagrate" or come off easily; in fact, just the opposite. My only complainst is that I want my lipsticks with a little frost, and I can't tell from swatches or descriptions which are frosted. I would love it if somone could give me a place to get that info or give me a list of the frosts. My fave is Pink Sky--beautiful color and light frosting.

  13. oh, and I have never noticed a negative or actually any smell.

  14. Wow this looks nice on you! Most of my pink lipstick cannot give me the coverage. Perhaps I should try this. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Hi dear.. I need ur permission to use ur photo on my blog.. I wanna do a review about the different and might be i'm having fake one.. So,do i have the permission to use ur photo? Please reply this comment asap.. Thank u :D

  16. Oh, sure you can use it on your blog , as long as you provide a link to the specific post. One or two picture is totally fine but I guess I would be uncomfortable if people are taking multiple pictures from different posts...

    Anyway, thanks for asking/telling me in advance :)


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