Saturday, August 28, 2010

L'Oreal Color Juice Lip Gloss in Raspberry Smash

I have accumulated quite a few red glosses from the past few months I guess I better finish those reviews up...
L'Oreal Color Juice Lip Gloss in Raspberry Smash is a semi sheer neutral to slightly cool red...or you can call it a red gloss with very good pigmentation(just enough to give you a bright lips look, not too red that you start to look like uncle McDonald).
Like most (if not all) of the L'Oreal Colour Juice lip gloss I have tried, the texture of Raspberry Smash is a bit thick and sticky, but it becomes easier to work with once you have a lip brush handy.

Overall: A sheer red that's quite lovely and difficult to go wrong.


  1. Gorgeous sheer red! I really like this.

  2. I'm starting to like red-er lip colors and this looks really wearable! I got MAC's Cyndi lipstick and it's so pretty! Have you tried it yet?

  3. Asami:
    I like this a lot as well, that's why I got a backup right away!

    Yeah, red(at least the sheer ones) lip products are so easy to for the Cyndi lipstick,I kind of wanted it but it wasn't available in my local MAC counter and I didn't even try too hard for it...Anyway, I am kind of looking forward those lipsticks from their disney collections, I remember there is a deep cherry that looks quite interesting.

  4. I'm usually scared of red but this looks very wearable. And it's beautiful too.

  5. very nice kind of red, not too harsh to look at, I like how soft it looks on your lips!

  6. Hey citrine, I wonder if you have tried the neutrogena healthy lip shine lipgloss? It is also in a tube, if so, would you say the l'oreal one is better than that one?^0^ Thanx

  7. Cherry:
    I have tried 2 shades from that Neutrogena line so far, Shine and Gleam(if I remember it correctly),both are in shades of sheer medium pink, those are quite comfortable to wear with a runny texture and cooling feel but the pigmentation is pretty much negligible/close to zero...

    The main reason I like the L'Oreal gloss is that they do offer quite a bit of pigment and the finish is not overly shiny/glossy(like Lancome juicy tube) so I would say the L'Oreal is a lot prettier in that aspect. (Even if you do like shiny glosses, you can practically get the same look with just about any clear gloss out there).I have quite a few sheer red lip product so far and my favorite are L'Oreal, Milani styli stick in Hip & Cool (limited edition) and Babypink Mulberry (very hard to get unless you are in Hong Kong)...

  8. Ilove these glosses my Favorite! I have almost every color. I have not seen them on BOGO for a long time.


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