Goldie Nail Lacquer in Avocado Milk Shake

Another nameless polish shade (so I went ahead and name it myself) from a Goldie trio set I have gotten last year.
Avocado milk shake is a muted apple green cream, the coverage and finish are both pretty nice. A few days ago I tried it on without a base coat (thinking that it's pastel enough) for an hour or two.

My nail beds are still stained = = ...


  1. That's a lovely shade and the packaging is so cute. It's too bad it stains though. :(

  2. Wow, never own this shade, this is super unique!!! Works pretty cool on your nails

  3. Oh my gosh, how CUTE is that bottle?? I want this.

  4. this is such a pretty green! i love goldie polishes packaging

  5. Sorry about your stained nail beds but this is an adorable shade. ;)


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