Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CHI Ceremic Nail Lacquer in Love That Milkyway Shake

Apparently the famous flat iron maker CHI also has their own line of nail polishes...
CHI ceramic (what's ceramic about it?) nail lacquer in Love that Milky Way Shake is a medium to light greige with a lot of smaller sized glitters. The glitters of the nail polish are abundant, medium sized and give a reasonably smooth finish that the polish is not a pain in rear to remove like other glitters I have tried. The pigmentation is as good as other salon brands like OPI and China Glaze, 2-3 coats will yield complete coverage.
Unlike other glittery polish I have tried, I think Love that Milky way Shake is quite toned down and elegant, instead of being flashy and in-your-face. I also think the close-to-skin tone (but not too close that it creates mannequin hands) shade makes my fingers look longer.

Overall: This is the first CHI I have tried and it seems to be a great start!

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  1. That color and finish looks similar to the "All Hail McQueen" shade from Butter London. It would be cool if they were dupes cuz I think Butter London is quite expensive...


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