Friday, July 30, 2010

Want It : Floral Romper

A few days ago my mom and I were talking on the phone, she mentioned that those rompers she used to wear back in the 90s are making a come back...

It seems that my shopaholic bottom has been triggered just by that...
Aragaki Yui for Tokyo Heart (what Tokyo subway system is called?) ad campaign - Love her romper, mustard cardigan, umbrella and that little teal hair tie on her wrist. Is it just me or hair accessories from western countries can never be as cute? Some rompers from Urban Outfitters - If I remember it correctly, the one on the far right is on sale (for 25 bucks) at their website right now, I wonder if there is a free shipping code somewhere...Fujii Lena in a July Vivi magazine spread. Love the fuchsia lips pink cheek and red nail combo. (I am not sure if I would personally wear so many bold colors at once though.)
Another model (forgot her name) for a Mina spread - The romper kinds of looks a bit too casual (kind of reminds me of the kind of rompers babies wear) but the suit and hat save the day. Last but not least, a "cutie pie pink" rompers from the sleepwear session of Old Navy...Urgh, it's actually a "normal" (i.e. The one you wear out in public) one from Jill Stuart. I don't care how much it is, I am so not buying it...

Anyway,what do you think of rompers(Sure, going to the restroom would be a lot more time consuming with them)? Cute, childish or you don't really care?


  1. I love rompers!!!! So pretty and comfortable to wear :D

  2. at first i hated them because they make me look even shorter and seem like shapeless blobs but then they created more styles as summer progressed so i guess i would like to own one sometime :D

  3. they work nice as beach cover ups too


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