Saturday, July 24, 2010

NYC Lip Slider in Sugar Fairy

This is the fourth one I have gotten so if the review is too short, simple check the older ones.
NYC lip slider in Sugar Fairly is a glossy balm (or the other way around) in a slight raspberry pink shade.
The is actually some tiny shimmer in the gloss (most of the lip slider I have used are shimmer-free) but it turned out to be almost invisible once it's on the lips.NYC Sugar Fairly lip slider is around the same color (maybe a little bit lighter) as my natural lip color so it doesn't to much tinting. Anyway, the soft and slightly blue-toned pink is quite natural and wearable. If you don't mind a somewhat strong sugary scent and digging it with your finger (it's a bit easier to just use a lip brush), this is a great line to look into.


  1. cute! looks a lot like the mac lip glass high shine. is it sticky feeling?

  2. JJDanceoff:
    It's hard to say (if you are asking for comparison) since I have never tried Mac lip glass high shine, but it's indeed less thick/ sticky than Stila lip glaze, DiorKiss,L'Oreal Colour Juice and Mac Dazzle glass but not as watery compared to Bourjois eau de gloss and Anna Sui glosses.

    I am tried plenty of glosses so I would say I am used to most of those (except Stila/Dior) and this wouldn't be called sticky at all (especially when you pick it up with a lip brush instead of fingers)...


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