Maybelline Cream Shadow, Lip Stain and Mousse Foundation

Just some new (probably not so new) drugstore collection displays.
Maybelline Eye Studio Color Gleam cream eyeshadow. I wish they would come up with a color combination that's more fun than this...
Color Sensational Lipstain marker. For some reasons I just don't like these markers...New packaging (Edit: Thanks to Wingsheaven and Kitty for the info, this is actually a brand new product) for their dream mousse foundation.


  1. for the Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse foundation, I don't think it's just new packaging. I think it's a completely new product. Lots of reviews I've read/watched compare this to the Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse, and they say they are completely different. i wouldn't know personally, since i haven't tried either.

  2. Did your Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation display also have 'Try Me' samples? At a store in my area the display also had a sampler portion of the display (untouched because it's so unusual!) but wouldn't it be nice if more drug store makeup displays let you try on products too? Of course the lack of it doesn't stop people anyway haha!

  3. Haven't tried Maybelline Mousse foundation! YOu know why? I've seen their testers and most of them are dried up like MAC's paintpot!

  4. I bought the new Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse foundation recently and I have to say that it's WAY better than the Dream Matte Mousse! I think it's a whole other product altogether because instead of making my face matte, it makes it smooth and perfect-looking!

  5. What's wrong with these lip stain markers. None likes them!!


  6. I like the older dream mousse. They kind of limited the colors for this new product so there are not many shades.

  7. wingsinheaven5:
    Thanks for the info, I guess I haven't been reading that many blog lately.

    I didn't see any tester in my local store though. Anyway, I do have a really good friend who told me that she got her shade match (the dream matte foundation from Maybelline!) by opening things up, I can't say I didn't feel a bit ashamed when she told me that...

    That sounds so nice! I might need to give it a try if it ever gets cheap enough!

    shoppingaholic: Apparently they are very popular in US drugstore. Revlon, CoverGirl, Palladio, Styli-Style and Maybelline all has it now...I am guessing they are tricking you into believe that it's a good deal that these are only 1/3 the price of Benetint and other highend ones but then again, the actual stain content is also a lot less compared to Benefit.

    Yeah, I kind of noticed that the didn't have that many deeper shades in this range...


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