Shiseido Maquillage Edge Free Eyelash Curler

I picked up (order online) the Shiseido Maquillage Edge free eyelash curler last year along with the Shiseido The Makeup eyelash curler just (because the black body is kind of cool) to see how do the two compare.

Anyway, it turns out that the Maquillage Curler is just a slightly more advanced version of the Shiseido the Makeup curler: While they both exhibit the kind of quality control I expect from a high end Japanese brand, there is a small difference between the two.Like Shiseido curler, the Maquillage one
-Gives a steady grasp with agile joints
-Has a relatively non curvy guillotine (it looks like one)
-Feels somewhat weighty but not heavy.
-Gummy pads with mushroom like cross session
-Have a slanted pad base (unlike Shu Uemura)

For those of you who don't know what a slanted pad means, here is a picture/a thousands words for that:
While the difference in rubber pads might be trivial (since they are made to be flexible that you can squash them in other curlers) , it tells a good deal about the metal base (duct?)in which the pads are embedded in: A slanted rubber band is not made because it looks cool (who can see it one it's embedded anyway?)Rather, it's made to fit a base that's bent outward. And the difference it makes:

1.It fits better if your eyes are puffy around the lash-line area.
2.Even lower chance of pinching (even when you aim the curler inward)
3.Gets the inner corner as well, supposedly.
4.Not more right angles/kinky lashes!

I am still not reviewing the Maquillage Curler . Actually, I am almost done anyway since it's very similar to the Shiseido one.The only structural difference the two Shiseido curlers has is that the Maquillage Curler is flatter , and its base is longer so there is no (or just very little) metal part that curve inward and poke the corners of your eyes, hence the name "Edge Free". How does the "Edge Free" technology performs then?

The curl, combined with my heavy lids actually makes my lashes shorter...Mascara used was a freebie from Clinique

Well, I would say this works just as well as the Shiseido The Makeup Curler (my eyes aren't bulging anyway) but the even-flatter curve makes curling the lower lashes much easier, all I need to do is to invert the curler's position and press.


  1. I haven't thought of purchasing another eyelash curler, maybe I should, my Shu curler does not work on all clients!

  2. The shu curler also doesn't get all of my outher curlers as well. But I think the Shiseido one may be better. Thanks for the tip about inverting the curler to get the bottom lashes as well.

  3. Nikki:
    I guess your best bet would be using a mini curler (uemura/koji/japonesque all have it) so you can do it session by session, it's pretty quick when you get a hang of it.

    I actually saw it on a youtube video from a MichellePhan wannabe, lol.

  4. I purchased my Maquillage at the Tokyo airport in 2007 & love it. I want to know if you have any suggestions for buying replacement pads (online).


  5. Brendini:
    The normal shiseido pad fits the maquillage curler quite well and you can get them at the Hong Kong based company I think I have also seen those from eBay seller alphabeautyUK but they don't have the shiseido pads in their store at the moment.


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