Vampy Lips from Anna Sui

The weather is finally warming up (actually it has been pretty warm for the past few weeks and I already have a visible tan line on my feet, legs and on my neck...) and I finally get sick of the whole coral lips trend and guess what am I loving now?

Well, you have already read the title: Vampy lips.
I believe vampy lips has been a hit colors for several past fall collections (I remember seeing something from Nars, Mac and Chanel) but I didn't really get into it until a few weeks ago when I was watching a movie called The Message (You can find the authorized HD version on Sohu, for people who understand Chinese).
In the movie, both actresses Li Bing Bing (above) and Zhou Xun wears deep jewel toned qipao and match those beautiful dresses with either vampy nail or dark berry lips, to match the dark theme of the movie.

Since I am not the kind of person who go crazy for "What makeup artiste used on celebrity", I just tried to look the closest thing in my makeup stash.
Anna Sui Rouge G in 601 a mysterious, vintage brown-wine-burgundy (that also looks a bit blackened?). Sometime it's hard to described Anna Sui lipstick shades because you can find a bit of everything in it.

Actually, the lipstick in the tube does remind me of clotted blood...
The finish of Anna Sui Rouge G is sheer (Shown in 3 glides) and moisturizing, it almost works like lipstick because it's quite difficult to go wrong as it always let your own lip color to show through.
The close up picture turned out scary (see how "helpful" a stretched lip swatch is?) but I guess it's a perfect item if Anna Sui ever decided to do a vampire collection.


  1. oh man your huge smile in your first photo is absolutely stunning! your teeth , I have to say it again and again looks fab! The lip color I could sense wouldn't flatter me :)

  2. i like it alot on you !!! its nice that the lipstick is sheer, more wearble

  3. That's a beautiful shade, very wearable. It looks great on you.

  4. Looks great on you but I really don't like vamp lips...(on me)

  5. Nikki/Cacau:
    That color might look funny in a tropical/hot area.

    Gio/Sharpie United:
    Yeah, Japanese lipsticks are usually quite sheer.

  6. Wow, your used-lipstick's shape just like mine. There're some personality traits that can be matched up with the shape of used lipstick. I read somewhere at someone's blog (duhh...I read too much blogs). The woman that did the Lipstick/Personality Chart was Cynthia Christ (whose own the Sensia Studio)

  7. Ivo:
    Haha, I saw that chart a long while ago in Seventeen magazine...For me it sounds like pure BS though because it has more thing to do with the shape (how pouty it is) of the lips and the texture of the specific lipstick, like if it's softer/balmier the curve tend to be bigger .

    It's like for this lipstick the curve is looks like this, for another anna sui lipstick the top is rounded and for a mac lustre lipstick, it looks very sharp and slanted. I personally think pseudo science like this makes everything vague enough so that you will find those "personality trait match" on everyone listed.

    And since we have a tendency to "register" those matched ones and overlook those that are off...Those kind of quiz seems very accurate to people.

  8. hahaha, yeah, Imagine I girl walking around with that dark lipstick under a 25° celsius...We have gothics here that do that, but they always look like problematic people and some fashionistas that follow the idea no matter if it matches the country or not. this new hit has something to do with 'twilight'?

  9. Cacau:
    Haha,we have 30 degree celsius here already so now I only dare to wear it in door, which is freezing...


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