Thursday, February 04, 2010

OPI Nail Lacquer in Done Out in Deco

OPI Nail Lacquer Done Out in Deco was from the spring 2009 South Beach collection.
Done out in deco is a medium cream muted (grayed out) lilac that's quite neutral with a little bit of pop. Beside the limited edition Everlasting Coral from Wet n Wild, this is my most worn nail color of all time so I have to dedicate a separate post just for it even I post a picture of it before.
I do like the OPI cream formula, it's creamy enough but doesn't become gooey or pool around the cuticles. It dries quite smooth although I could use a bit of top coat. My biggest complain with this would be the stupid brush. Which is a pain in the rear for people with small nail beds.

P.S. Anybody see the Jade is the New Black from OPI Hong Kong collection, that is the exact color of expensive jade (worn mainly by Chinese grandmas)!


  1. Love it! It looks gorgeous on you :)

  2. That's a beautiful shade! It looks great on you.

  3. I got 'Do You Lilac It?' and kind of wish I had purchased 'Done Out In Deco'. Both are pretty! I might have to pick it up!

  4. Kate Gene:
    There is a muted/dusty quality makes Done Out in Deco slightly classier and crisp, do you lilac it does look a tad (only a tad)bit girly and fresh...

    Anyway,I do think they are pretty dark similar...


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