Sunday, February 07, 2010

NYX Lip Gloss in Beige

Another overdue review for a lip gloss I bought 4 months ago:
NYX lip gloss in beige (that doesn't look remotely beige) is one of the more popular shades in their lip gloss range. It's a creamy blue pink that offers decent coverage and pigmentation. The gloss retails for 5 dollars in ULTA and it's a pretty good deal even not on sale consider the tube is quite tough (I like drugstore lip gloss that is resistant to scratches) and there is 15g of products inside.Beige is as creamy as the other shimmer-free (drugstore glosses can easily go tacky with shimmer) NYX gloss called smokey look. While it's not drying and spread easily with the slanted sponge tip, it's not moisturizing either and tends to sit on top of my lip lines. The color is pretty but the light pink (2 shades lighter than my own lip color) kind of blurs the boundary of my no-Cupid's bow lips. (I prefer gloss in deeper color so that I can at least fake a heart shaped lips) Here is one with a smile, my (front) teeth are one of my prided processions as my dentist told me that only 1% of general population have teeth like this naturally, you will see me flaunting it once a while even though I personally think that swatch on stretched lips are of little use (since you can hardly see the texture and how a gloss sinks in)...

So what about the back of my teeth? Well, they were a bit "bombed out" (my dentist's exact wording ) because my snacking habit I had when I was in elemantary/ junior high /high school: I literally had snacks under my pillow and soda under my bed in case I wake up in the middle of the night and feel bored and empty (my mom would yell at me if I head for the TV at 2am, she is a loud and scary woman.) and do you know that soda taste so much better right after you brush your teeth?

Kids, don't do that at home.


  1. gosh, your teeth are really pretty, and those are natural ones...bliss.
    I really like the Beige colour but somehow I hardly use any of my NYX lipglosses, even thought they are quite ok. Must be the gloss-snob in me...

  2. wow i love the color on you.

    I just found your blog and really love it. Kee up the good work.

  3. pretty smile! I prefer to see the swatches in photos you're smiling...looks like the gloss contrast with the rest and show the real color.

    btw, why the this gloss is called "beige'???? where's the beige?

  4. thanks for telling us that it tends to dry the lips coz it won't work for me then, I have 90% of my lip products drying out my super dry lips :)

    Your teeth are indeed gorgeous!

  5. That lipgloss is gorgeous on you. I'm going to have to go to ULTA to buy it! The amount of product for the price is great... and the color is beautiful enough that I might overlook the cherry scent. (And one of my last NYX glosses started to leak even though it was closed tightly).

  6. birkinbagbeauty:
    I totally get you, it's hard to go back to drugstore glosses once you are used to the highend ones...(Good thing I never buy too much highend glosses since I used them up so quickly.)
    Angela/Sparkle Midori:
    Urgh...I am pretty sure that you have "just found out" and "love my blog" for 3 times already...

    I really don't know what to say this time...
    Ok, I will keep a mental note that to show 1 teeth picture in every 10 lip swatch. I try to not do that often because I personally have a short attention span and if a blogger post too many pictures of her face (when the makeup are all neutral/look the same), I would get sick of looking at her and stop reading alltogether...

    Maybe you can try Revlon superlustrous one, the gloss does seem quite moisturizing to me.
    Yeah, the smell is a bit of a turn-off...Wait, you know that Ulta send those 3.5off 10 dollars coupons right? (You can google if they don't mail those to you)you can get a lip gloss and a lipstick (or shadow) for 6.3... I think those are pretty good deal.

  7. That doesn't look beige at all! But still, it's a very pretty shade, I love it.

    You have beautiful teeth!


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