Friday, February 05, 2010

The Last Night of Madam Chin

I know I am kind of turning my blog into a Fan Bing Bing fan site but don't you agree she is so photogenic in her new (not so new now as I wrote this quite a while ago) show The Last Night of Madam Chin (kind of like Memoir of a Geisha) ?
Fan Bing Bing is playing an dancer/entertainer in the night club in Shanghai circa 1940s (I understand her perfectionism in her own production but she kind of over killed with her role trying to be Sara Crewe, Megan Fox, Natalie Portman and Mother Teresa she even sang the two theme songs...Well I guess all you need is a pretty face to be a pop singer anyway.)

Despite the extremely cheesy plot (I thought I have seen it all), I really love those costumes, like this high neckline qipao. This time, she also spent a lot of effort on the accessories, which matched her well-made dressed nicely. (Remember in Rouge Snow she literally have a 1000 dollar dress with 200 dollars wig then she would use some necklace and hair pin that looks like they are from the dollar store.)

Cute poncho..(And she has that pear shaped hair that's so hot in Japan this season !)and what's with Vic Zhou's smirk?
I love the fact that she didn't use satin, silk or any embroidery but still make the dress look pretty expensive. I guess some people can just carry the essence of an outfit...
Wedding look, guess who is the groom?
Evil looking ojisan (who always get asked to play WWII Japanese soldier) Anthony Wong...
He (half British) actually was pretty good looking way back when... I know Fan Bing Bing is supposed to be the purest, nicest, most beautiful etc. in the whole drama (She even changed the book to make her role more perfect.) but
This evil scheming bitch face actually looks pretty natural on her...Who agree with me that she should stop playing Mother Teresa in her dramas?


  1. lovely designs x

  2. Hey Citrine!

    I literally just read about this series right before reading your post! Talking about coinkidink!!! I love Vic, but there are scenes of him in this series that are so awkward I just couldn't stand.

    Anyway, have you seen the movie The Twins Effect 2? Fan Bingbing played a sorta evil character, and I totally agree that her face, as pretty as it is, is actually more suited for a scheming evil bitch role LOL


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