Monday, February 08, 2010

Flutter your Falsies - NYX False Eyelashes

Perfect for Valentine's day (because lipstick will come off due to excessive eating...), these NYX lashes are around 3-4 dollars a piece and all come with a tiny tube of glue.
The style are more interesting than the ones from Revlon but I don't know how they will perform.

: Ushishi said that they perform pretty well...I personally will just pass on them because I still have no clue how to wear false lashes, the ones I got from Revlon were all given to my friend for her creepy dolls...I also gave the same friend my Anna Sui powder cases to be her dolls' chairs...

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  1. they perform really well, the adhesive that comes with it is kinda ehh.. but the lashes themselves are some of the more comfortable ones and easier to apply , they have a band on them but it isnt that noticeable.


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