China Glaze Let's Groove

China Glaze Let's Groove is from the fall 2009 Retro Diva collection and it was the only non brown based/poopy color in that range. I have been wearing for quite a few times (beside OPI done out in deco this is another polish that I have worn for more than 3 times) since I have gotten it 5 months ago but I never got a chance to take a good picture because on those days, it was either very cloudy (bad lighting), very cold (my hands were dried out and looked purple) or I was too busy...Anyway, purple is still a popular color (not as hot as coral though) so it's not too late to wear it.
Let's Groove is a deep shimmering purple that looks more like wine with sunlight. The tiny blue and red shimmer is fine and the formula is very user friendly, like most of China Glaze I have tried (well, everything is a dream to apply after having tried Maybelline...) and the formula is pigmented enought that I only need 2 coats to get that even and shiny finish.
I love about the fact that the color (although quite deep) doesn't shrink the size of my nailbeds. Go china glaze!

P.S. I thought it looks pretty similar (if not pratically identical) to NARS purple rain and/or Illamasqua Baptiste...


  1. this will be weird for me to say, but I envy you for having long fingers :) so pretty :) and the China glaze polish shade works well on you!

  2. Wow when I saw this I immediately thought Purple Rain! This looks prettier than All Lacquered Up's swatch! Does it look too dark indoors?

  3. Lil Luna:
    I think it's cute for spring as kind of matches the fuchsia lips trend.
    I think purple is relativly hussle-free shade for many skintone, unlike gray, green and other neon colors.
    It looks dark purple indoor, not so dark that it looks black though...

  4. That looks gorgeous. And easy to apply? I'm sold.

  5. have you checked out this blog?
    she has some pretty good swatches/hauls

  6. hahah I meant:

  7. Katherine:
    Actually I have yet to use a China Glaze that doesn't wear'sa great bang for the buck especially when they go on buy-2-get-2 sale in ulta.
    She does have some really nice pictures and clear swatches...I just wish she can turn that music off (it's so annoying because I usually have my own music on when I am at the computer)...Do people realize that even among makeup junkies, girls have different tastes in music?


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