Saturday, January 23, 2010

What do Wet n Wild and YSL have in common?

The $2 made-in-China Wet n Wild nail color goes pretty well with the $34 Fabriqué-en-France lipstick? Tell you the truth, I personally found that the Wet n Wild nail color is more wearable than the Rouge Absolu in Provocative Pink.
Anyway, Wet n Wild crystalic nail color has been recently discontinued by Wet n Wild to make space for the megalast nail color, I hope the new formula is worth the hype (There isn't any though) since I do like the formula quite a bit, as it's smooth, opaque and easy to apply.

Beside the color, their names also go well together: Femme Fatale and Provocative Pink. It's like ff and pp in music. (We all know extremes meet right? Actually in this case, Wet n Wild is wearable and YSL looks a tad bit...trashy on me.)

P.S. The sun came out right after I took the pictures. URGH.


  1. I found this blog through fuz's blg:

    a few of the girls are sporting the pear hair cut thing you were posting about, haha (:

  2. pretty nail color! I wanna see the lipstick !

  3. I can only imagine how insanely bright that lipstick is! Especially with that amount of pigment. I wonder when I will give in to that price for a lipstick...

  4. That's a gorgeous shade! And so cheap too!

  5. Vanilla:
    Wet n Wild is always dirt cheap by the way.
    I have actually counted today as of 01/25/2010, for some reason I am seeing zero pear so far...Those people are indeed good looking though.

    You will have to wait till Feburary since I have several warm-for-winter things to finish up. (There is only 6 days anyway.:))
    The tube is definitely worth it, it's quite heavy and very well made and when I put it next to all of my other lipstick, it makes Anna Sui, MAC and Shiseido look so (As of the product, 27.2 dollars when 80% off, was worth it since the overall quality is probably more than 2x that of MAC but...There is no delicate, natural, wearable shade in the range...Not that I found MAC wearable anyway.)
    Lol, you totally seen it last year (and left a common in the old post) this is just my filler.


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