Monday, January 25, 2010

Warm and Cozy

Is it cold over where you live? Anyway, let's get warm and cozy with some lip glosses, blush and eyeshadow!
Anna Sui Sui Lip Gloss 703
MAC Lustre Lipstick Freckletone
Revlon Cream Lip Gloss
Revlon Nude Lustre Gloss
NYX Lip Gloss in Smokey Look
L'Oreal Colour Juice in Peach n Cream
Milani Styli-Stick in C'est Chic
Eyes and Cheeks
Jane Blushing Baby Doll
Nars Powder Blush Luster
Black Radiance Golden
Stila Eyeshadow in Rays

My favorite ways to stay warm and cozy is wrapping myself with the mom-knit scarf and napping on the carpet by the balcony when the sun is 30 degree away from the horizon/aka, about the set (so my roomate will see me lying there like a dead body when she comes home). Beside that, I also enjoy stuffing my mouth with yummy chicken wings . OK, the more "romantic" way would be hot chocolate, but I am more of a soda kind of person, you know?


  1. omg im so totally in love with this shade!!do u have swatchie for luster and that ulta polish?hehe

  2. Karla Sugar has a swatch for Luster on her site so does Arora, whose I find a lot more helpful as it's not loaded on and there is close up picture and face of the day (Luster is at the bottom of the page) . As for the nail color, I have worn the ulta runway over here (it's yellow nail in a bottle, seriously) .

    I never swatch blush myself and never plan to since I apply them very sparingly, on top of a lotion, just enough so that I can see it with my naked eye ( my point-and-shoot would never be able to pick the color up, even if it does, there is a significant purple/pink tinge on my skin so it will cool down the color by quite a bit) , if I dig enough for the color to show, what you see would be pretty close to the picture of the pan (aka, pointless maneuver) and there will be a ugly dent on the pan (I am just anal).

  3. Haha, I like to stay warm and cozy also, cause it makes you look really nice and natual. Please follow my blog also at:! Thanks

  4. its definitely not cold in where I live :) hehehe but I know how hard it is to stay warm in a very cold weather, I love the photos, you made me drool!

  5. where I live is so hot. 26° celsius today. It's very nice, I spend the day in pool, eating papaya and refreshing things but I love cold too. I never saw snow so the winter is like a dream for me because here it doesn't exist. (here in this part of brazil where I live we call 20° celsius winter). =)

  6. Crystal:
    I guess you never read my reply, huh? *Sighs*
    I know posts like this makes no point for people in the tropical region and the southern hemisphere...
    Ooh, papaya...back in Canada we had 20 degree summer...(It's nice when it's warm so you burn your food right off instead of having those fat sitting on the rear...)

  7. Yeah..somentimes I don't even have the desire to eat...just drink refreshing things and that's all.
    Big kisses! love your blog!


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