Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Vitamin Shampoo with Noni Berry and Lemongrass

This is the second Vitamin (the brand) Shampoo I have. Vitamin shampoo is a drugstore shampoo free of sulfate and it usually cost around 5-6 dollars. According to the bottle, there are Vitamins and Noni berry and lemongrass...I personally never care about those "essences" seriously (you also shouldn't since they are so down in the ingredient list) as I never expect my shampoo to do anything but cleansing.
So can I feel the hydrating effect and the berry goodness in the shampoo? Of course not...I pick shampoo all just based on scent since the only perceptive difference for the shampoo in the same brand. It has a semi opaque jelly texture, yellow color and an artificial (but pleasant) lemon jelly scent. I like how well it cleanses and the fact that it neither dries out my hair or leave any residue like some silicone based shampoo from Dove.

Although the shampoo is more expensive than brands like Garnier and Clairol, I found the texture to be thicker so I don't need to use too much each washing. The sulfate free formula also keeps my hair from itching so I can shampoo every other day instead of daily. If you want a little change from your typical drugstore shampoo, this brand would be something nice to look into.


  1. i love how SLS free shampoos wash out more easily than shampoos with SLS. i'm currently using the green vitamin shampoo and it's great!

  2. this is tempting, based on the fact that there's noni inside..hmm :)

  3. hahaha yaa. oh i failed to mention it was the taiwanese version of hanakimi. no wonder, eh? have you seen iris yet? it's uber action packed and not the typical drama ..

  4. Jen:
    I wanted to try the green one as well, but they were sold out (leaving only conditioner)during the Walgreen sale.And now you have mentioned it, it does seem easier to rinse.

    I am pretty sure it smells nothing like the real thing, but it reminds me of those Asia jello though.

    I am scared of Koream drama already since they all tend to be very draggy.But the casts in Iris all seems really goodlooking, maybe I should check it out sometime.

  5. And this whole time I thought it was an energy drink... Just placed in the wrong aisle...

  6. Daituf:
    That's the reason I bought it (since I am addicted to Gatorade, remember my camera died because of it?)I was buying gatorade in CVS and saw this...

  7. I have been looking and looking for reviews on this line! When I was at Walgreens last night they had the entire line (all shampoos and conditioners in every scent) reduced to $1.79 each! If you have a Walgreens near you, you should stock up. Thanks to your review, I think I'll go back and get a bottle or two. Who doesn't love a good sulfate-free shampoo, right?

  8. Recessionista:
    Thanks for the head up,I got mine 3 weeks ago in Walgreen for 50% off and the line is pretty much gone now...Maybe I should try other branch.


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