Thursday, January 21, 2010

Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear Pressed Powder

Finally, physician's formula replaced the flimsy paper compacts (How green is it if you powder compact break within a week?) and use bamboo for their new packaging.

The new Bamboo wear (as a replacement for the Organic Wear) also features a powder brush, you can use the rebate to try it free (expect to wait for 3 months) so take a look in your CVS if you are interested. While we are on the topic of base makeup... L'Oreal also released a Studio Secret Makeup Base, I think they name this to respond to Maybelline's Eye studio line. (There are more products in the Studio Secret line but people in my grocery are not done shelfing yet.)


  1. I own a couple of the "paper" compacts, and they are so crappy. The product inside is horrible as well :(

  2. awww the loral base looks interesting!did u get the base?

  3. The new packaging is a nice improvement. I hope the product inside is good too.

  4. hmmm!! I want to try out the makeup base. Not too excited that it's in a jar though. :/

  5. Pixie:A couple? I have two of those (a blush and press powder) and I decided that's enough chalk for my whole life.

    I don't use foundation so it would be a bit funny if I buy a makeup base...I have seen 2 Australian bloggers who have review this already though and they are Akisa Love and Beautifully Glossy.

    I guess you can always use a little spatula?

  6. I'm pretty excited about the L'Oreal make up base. I hope I get it around here soon!

  7. I'm definitely going to have to take a look at the new Physician's Formula pressed powder. I like their products alright, but I've found better. The L'Oreal makeup base sounds a lot like Clarins's primer... I think I'll pass on that one, since it's probably silicone based, which doesn't do a lot for my oily skin.

  8. Trisha:
    It should be around for a few weeks, sometime I don't get why people are so excited about base makeup, isn't point (color) makeup much more fun?
    I think I have heard somewhere that the primer is silicone free. (I personally suggest primer from Japanese drugstore brand like Sana, becuase thay comes with SPF, which is better for runners like you.) I have tried the old version of the PF pressed powder, it was Godawful, just so you know.

  9. I had two, I think. A blush that I swapped away, and a powder that broke the first time I used it. Blah!

  10. Pixie:
    My compact broke the first day I had it as well, because I was being OCD (or ADSD) and kept open and close open and close...


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