Monday, January 18, 2010

Milani 3D Holographic, Neon Nail Color, 3D Glitzy Gloss, Tantastic

All hail to Queen Milani, she clearly got the most interesting Spring 2010 drugstore releases! First, there is the line of Neon (cream) nail color, they are not too loud actually and I think the teal and purple and the cream pink ones can be quite wearable.
There is also the holographic ones. The new Milani polishes have a prettier packaging and a not-so-friendly price tag: 6 bucks a piece, consider my grocery store has similar price point as Wal-Mart (while the older ones right under the new polishes are labeled under 3 bucks. For your reference, China Glaze are 6.5 dollars a piece and usually go on buy 2 get 2 free sale (I can also combine the sale with a 3.5 dollars off coupon Ulta sends out regularly.)

Tantastic Baked Face and Body Bronzer - I saw this quite a while ago on another blog but my grocery store just got this recently. The pan is pretty huge and it probably costs around 10 bucks. (I am interested in mainly lip and nail products so I didn't look into it.) Last but not least, there is the best part of the collection. The 3D Glitzy gloss, it probably looks alright from the above picture (Point and Shoot camera just doesn't work well with low light intensity). But...
It's actually more dazzling than MAC dazzle glass and look at the sea blue! (How often do you see blue glosses with this kind of intensity that's not in limited edition?) The blue gloss was the first one popping out but the rest of the 3D glitzy gloss looks quite promising as well. The orange, cherry and pale pink are also very pretty as well. The mauve-purple one reminds me of a more intense version of MAC Funtabulous. (There is very little product inside each tube as well, it's aroun 2.7ml, which translates into 5 applications for me. But it's still more than MAC though, consider the price is 6 dollars here.)

I might or might not buy this so don't expect a review from me unless you are paying for it. As I said, there is very little products in the tube (for me) and I prefer paying a dollar on a huge tube of drugstore gloss...Let's see if I can find a coupon somewhere.


  1. The bronzers look pretty. Some day I'm going to buy a blue lipgloss :)

  2. Pixie:
    You should, blue (purple and green) glosses just look so cool in makeup stash.Anyway, I guess it works well cooling down lip color as well but if I wear it alone I will lood

  3. Those nail polishes and glosses look gorgeous! I'm loving the blue one, it's so cool. Too bad we don't have Milani here.

  4. Gio:
    It's a bit ironic/amusing though,since many Milani items are made in Italy.


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