Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are you a cat person?

This has nothing to do with makeup. I thought that a lot of beauty bloggers keep cats as pets so you might be interested in an article from a psychology professor, which stated that dog lover are extroverted, conscientious and agreeable while cat lovers are...Neurotic.
"Dr. Gary say what?!"

I am a crazy cat lady cat lover myself mainly because cats are cleaner, less noisy and they eat less (so my pet's lunch money isn't 3x that of mine)and I grew up with more cats than dogs. I never knew that all the kind gifts (all of my kitties were given) from those uncles/aunt back in the old day would make me neurotic...Anyway, I know that a lot of my physics professors keep cats as pets as well ("Hurry up with the oscilloscope, I need to go home and feed my cats!") .

Do take a look at the article if you have time, at least the comments (I wonder how many of them are from the geeky professors),  they totally made me lol.


  1. I love my kittehs. A dog is too much responsibility. You have to walk it every day and it's messy. Kittehs have more personality anyway ;)

    P.S. I got my Jetoy kitty book and passport holder. They are lovely :D

  2. lol... my aunt is a dog owner but many would say she's neurotic, so I don't know if this article has a basis in my family

  3. sadly, i am very allergic to cats so doggies are number 1 for me!


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