Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick, Nail Polish and Neutrogena Lip Gloss, Blush Bronzer Duo

I was trying to find a bottle of teal nail polish from Sally Hansen LE insta-dry line in Walgreen (as they are usually cheaper there) , while I didn't see that pretty teal polish, there are some new drugstore releases for spring 2010.

Rimmel just released Moisture Extreme Lipstick with SPF18 and Vitamin A,C, E. I liked the purple tube at first sight but it's really light and flimsy feeling.
The revamped the nail polish line (so the old ones are on clearance) with the lasting finish pro nail color line. At first I thought it was Sally Hansen as the bottle design just look like that that of Sally Hansen salon line.
Neutrogena Blush and Bronzer Duo. I do like the texture and color of Neutrogena powder blush but it gets on my nerve when the compact get scratched and look worn when the blush is 99% new...I don't babysit my blushes but this doesn't happen to those Benefit paper boxes.

New packaging (or new line) for Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Gloss. I don't really like Hayden Panettierre (not that I hate her) , She doesn't seems to be as approachable as Blake Lively or as glamorous as Scarlett Johansson (when she was still blonde.)


  1. geeezzz scarlett johanson is effin gorgeous!she rocks dolce and gabbana rose the one !!
    i envy her!
    awww the rimmel nail polishes looks so pretty!

  2. That Rimmel lipstick is new??? I've been seeing that purple tube for awhile now...

  3. Vanilla:
    I envy her husband (lol), consider he is not even that kind of OMG good-looking himself.

    Different areas do get different items at different times, I guess maybe the common wealth get Rimmel faster since it's from UK. Or many people just hate the packaging that it has been out forever and nobody has even taken one tube from the display?


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