Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh Tassel me...

I was over at Stila Cosmetic doing some window shopping and saw the banner on the top ... Apparently the owner of Stila cosmetics Lynn Tilton bought a tassel manufacturer and she incorporate the leftover tassel to make a ...waist wrap thingy.
"This is not a fad, not an accessory...this is revolution that will empower women! "

I think the one on the far right can look pretty good...if the freaking tassel isn't hanging over there. When I saw the first two ladies, the first thing popped out of my mind is...The four great constables: Heartless, Iron Fist, Chaser, and Cold Blood (I had a serious crush on the guy in the middle when he was a host in that kids show on TVB. lol) ... Lynn Tilton said that she got asked whenever she wore the thing out every time...I wonder why.

No more comment about how (un)trendy those belts are, I personally don't like the fact that Lynn uses Stila as a place to put a banner to promote her other "as seen on TV" brand. It's like selling Stila out for something (that looks like it's from an ancient costume drama) because it's popular.


  1. I totally agree with you. I could not believe she was advertising um...TASSELS on Stila. They are totally unrelated. It just made me sad that she was doing that to Stila's website! :O

  2. Smiley:
    I woundn't be any happier even if it were related...

  3. From the owner of Stila Cosmetics..........
    At Patriarch, we are one family of companies. The same firm that saved Stila and brought new life to the company you love has done that for more than 100 others. This means that our companies and our people stand shoulder to shoulder to rebuild companies, to employ people and to offer products to loyal customer bases. Stila sells on Newport News and Spiegel as do Dana Fragrances and Croscill. Working together is how we rebuild America. It is also about support rather than judgement and tearing down. Stila helps others as others have helped Stila. Standing united will be the first step in rebuilding an economy and a country sorely in need of mending. We should all feel free to offer others a hand --one of help and when in need.

  4. Hi Stila people:
    Please don't get me wrong. As a human being, I have absolutely nothing against your kind act helping those companies out (In fact, I can't thank you enough for bringing back our beloved Stila when it was in trouble and I was quite touched when you were mentioning how you guys were buying companies that were lifeless in the video.) and of course you have every right to to with any of your children companies.

    As a die hard Stila fan, all I saw was that the top of the Stila homepage was used to advertise something totally unrelated. Call me ignorant, I have never seen that happened with any other high end cosmetics companies (the most would be an affiliate link at the bottom of the page.) While you are definitely giving a helping hand to a suffering company, at the same time, you are degrading Stila with one of those As-Seen-On-TV brands which in my opinion, are usually full of pretentious hosts, acting-rather-than-hosting and exaggeration etc. To me, it's just selling home decor leftover for the price of haute couture and that's not how I would do business in a recession.

    Frankly, I think the hignend image of Stila cosmetics were pretty much destroyed /degraded when a large and continuous stock were provided to those discount sites (people would go "Why spend 25 dollars on a convertible color when you can get a whole set of makeup with CC included for 20?" ) I simply don't want Stila to look even cheaper with the aid of a sister company.

    Today, it's tassel, what if you decided to save a toilet seat company tomorrow?

  5. I agree with you, Citrine. I've been a Stila girl since the 90's and I have to say that Stila's site is a bit trashy now. First, it's the narcissistic choosing to use the non-photogenic new CEO as a model (she makes me think of a cross between Dina Lohan and Donatella Versace, not looks I want to emulate) instead of the iconic Stila girl drawings, now it's those godawful tassel belts. Why don't we just try pushing Bumpits and Vagisil instead of convertible colors and lip glazes? I'm all for trying to "rebuild America", but let's be honest about what this really is: buying a failing brand for the name and publicity it will bring, shameless self-promotion, and trying to peddle hideous tassel belts marketed as a means to empowerment b/c obviously they think women are that stupid and that hard-up for empowerment, and using the brand name "Stila" to do it. If I'm paying almost $40 for tinted moisturizer and $25 for blush, I expect the brand to be chic, not tacky. I can get Wet n' Wild a whole lot cheaper if I want to feel tacky. High end makeup is a LUXURY, especially in this economy, and right now there is nothing luxurious about Stila. I'm very disappointed in the direction the brand is taking...

  6. Hi there:
    You cracked me up with the Dina Lohan/Donatella Versace remark...I was thinking about Lady Gaga at first (for a Classical snob, I actually kind of like Lady I tried hard not to attack personally in this blog...

  7. To: From the owner of Stila Cosmetics..........
    That was possibly the most laughable defence i've ever heard:

    "It is also about support rather than judgement and tearing down."

    That could be used as a defence for anything. Hitler could have used that as a defence for the holocaust.

    "We should all feel free to offer others a hand --one of help and when in need."

    Interesting; How much of your profits do go to charity?

  8. The Sila cosmetics situation is sad and unfortunately follows a pattern of deception and mismanagement for personal gain by Lynn Tilton and Patriarch Partners. Don't be deceived by their false mantra about re-building American companies and standing shoulder to shoulder with their's all about her and her investors reaping the profits at the expense of the companies they own and claim to manage. A great example of that is their ownership of MD Helicopters, a once proud and venerable aerospace manaufacturer that was acquired by Tilton/Patriarch in 2005. As one who knows the industry well...initially it appeared she would do great things for the company and re-build it from the problems inherited from the previous owner, just as she continues to brag about in the press. Sadly, because of her mismanagement and poor decision making, she has driven off or fired very capable, experienced, and professional managers and is now on her 7th or 8th management team at MD in five years. That is not a normal or healthy situation for any company. What's left of the company in terms of experience and capability has been vastly diminished. The company is barely selling and producing aircraft despite her grandois claims to media about the health and direction of the company. MD's market share of new aircraft sales in North America is almost non-existent because savvy customer's realize that the company is not healthy and isn't living up to its promises of product improvements, support and service. Thus, the company is forced to try and sell their aircraft models overseas to naive or uninformed customers. As one former MD senior manager stated..."Tilton makes one bad decision after another, claims visctory, and then moves on to the next bad decision." One day, she and Patriarch will be exposed for who and what they truly are...for lack of better words, she's a female Bernie Madhoff. Hoefully, a news organization like 60 Minutes will do an expose on the folly of Patriarch. The Stila and TassleMe product doesn't surprise me, just another one of Tilton's foolish enterprises.

    Concerned Citizen


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