Friday, December 25, 2009

Maybelline, Neutrogena Mascara and Sally Hansen Nail Color

Do you need another spy cam post with boring products, taken with cellphone? Of course you don't but these blurry pictures would make my future picture so much prettier so why not?
Neutrogena healthy length (I think the old one is called healthy volume.) mascara.
Sally Hansen Salon nail colors. It has been out for more than a month already. Finally, it's more expensive than China Glaze and the price levels with Essie and OPI.
Maybelline Lash Stiletto voluptuous. Maybelline releases at least 10 different mascara each year.
The eye studio eyeshadow quad.
As if the 5-6 XXl mascara are not enough, here is XXL pro. I will stop doing the spy cam post because my new camera is a bit bulky to use for this. I started doing the spy cam series because nobody cared about drugstore releases back in Feb 2009 but it seems that a lot of people are doing this kind of post so you guys can check out other blogs for that kind of info.

In the future if you want to be in the know for drugstore deal, you can go to Nouveau Cheap to check out drugstore releases . At the mean time, I think I am now more willing to spend the money on slightly more expensive products (and buy less in quantity) Anna Sui, YSL here I am!


  1. It's a shame you will stop doing these kind of posts, I love them. But I understand your reasons.

    The Maybelline eyeshadow quads look very pretty, but I am worried that, like the rest of their shadows, they won't be very pigmented either.

    Happy holidays!

  2. Gio:
    Happy Holiday to you as well!

    Maybelline eyeshadow are decently pigmented for what I remember but my biggest complain about drugstore eyeshadow is their gritty texture.

  3. ppl are interested in the drugstore pics! that's why the trend is picking up. i've been doing them since hmm maybe 2007 or so. but! you have different products that i don't have in my area. so we are all doing it, but we offer different info... i say keep doing it. i love it. besides, the actual brands don't put the info or product images on their sites for months! so blogs have to! (and get their buzz going so we'll buy buy buy ;p)

    stiletto and voluptuous just does not belong together in a ttle/name!

  4. yummy411:
    The main reason that I don't want to post the pictures is actually my camera. I used to think that my pictures are helpful and clear but now I can only use my cellphone for those pictures (as my camera is a bit too bulky to spy) so I just don't want to bother with them as there are plenty of blurry picture spy cam posts in the blogger community.

    I don't think my local drugstore have that unique of of stock (it does show up in other people's sites) so I am not doing too much anyway.


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