Sunday, December 13, 2009

Barielle Sneak a Peek

Second Barielle I have tried, for some reason I think the dark ones performs better than the lighter shade.
Sneak a peek is a shimmering chalk gray, I don't get this color: It's pretty much a chalky version of a pearly white polish...In many lighting, it just looks white, except dirtier. Unlike the darker shades I have tried, this color separates really quickly in the bottle and it doesn't dry shiny.
The weird part is that the color actually matches my skin o_O


  1. The color is basically a nail concealer? haha like a lip concealer? cuz it exactly matches your skin so well

    Yeah there are so many vids on YT of people doing the WG Nobody But You dance where they do that silly hand move! It's interesting because it actually looks normal when the WGs do it but when other people attempt it, it somehow looks very silly and over the top!

  2. Hmmm...I don't think I like this on you, and I have a feeling it'd look the same on me, since I'm super pale. I find light colours are difficult to work with too, but on a general basis. Well, on a Maybelline basis, since I only have their polishes, LOL

  3. Amy Naree:
    I don't know how useful a nail concealer is since I don't have yellow nail...

    Maybeline, light of dark, all don't work well on me...Anyway, I think the lightest I can stand on me is a medium gray, other color would wash me out...


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