Friday, December 25, 2009

Anna Sui Spring 2010 Collection Poster

Finally, Anna Sui cosmetics has updated their site and included info for their notorious spring 2010 coffin rouge. Does it look better in picture?
Of course it does! (Oh, the red one reminds me of a vampire's coffin...) And the complete set of coffins are:Rouge D for dazzle. This is the poster shade.Rouge G -If they kept the old rouge G formula (which I do like), these are supposed to be watery and sheer.Rouge T- Awww, I thought the yellow is going to be bold. What a dissapointment! Rouge Vivid- Haha, that black lipstick means some serious business here... Click here to see all the new shades on the Jan 2010 Issue of Sweet Magazine. Here comes the main poster for Spring 2010 collection, it seems that they changed Agyness Deyn (Thanks God, she is too much of a rocker but barely a princess. Jessica Stam and Heather Marks were so so so much better suit for Anna Sui.) and replace her with...Is that Angelababy (her blog has some Lady Gaga music attack btw.) I mean the hair looks like a wig and I remember baby has slender fingers with long nailbeds (I admit I spend too much time staring at other people's hands) ... Whoever she is, that top looks so grandma...

P.S. I wouldn't check out the site without the post from Only Sui Dream, if you are Anna Sui fan and read Chinese, check her site out as there are lots of info about Anna Sui accessories and fashion line as well!

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