Sunday, November 15, 2009

Skin MD Sheiding Lotion

I think I will just have to post the review up before everybody is sick of reading review of this particular product over 100 beauty blogs. (You guys should probably know it by now that I am offered a bottle of this by the PR to test it out...After using it for 5,6 times over the past month...I still don't know what to say about this product.)

Anyway, I did pay a visit to their website before saying yes about doing the review. According to the website, this particular formula is developed by A gynecologist, a chemist and dermatologist ...I like the fact they they didn't mention any "magical abilities" that the products has. Come on, let's face it, who would expect a lotion to undo the aging or change your skin tone anyway?
So it's pretty much just a bottle of lotion. That's OK with me since I don't expect skincare items to do much beside their own job anyway. At first site, it's a bottle of very plain looking lotion. The label are sticker and the lid has a press-on opening. (Tell you the truth, I would totally overlook a bottle like this bottle as it's not much higher class than the 3 dollars products from Queen Helene. ) However, the price is a bit eye-catching: 18 dollars.

Anyway, the whole point of freebie review is to found out the quality of the product that you don't normally buy. So let' s see how it performs.
The Lotion has a minimalist ingredient list (with aloe vera being one of the main ingredients, but please note that aloe vera is 99% water itself held in a mucous medium) , Skin MD lotion has a unique gel cream texture that feels very light and watery ( I guess it's the aloe vera gel) . There is a very faint scent (probably from the ingredients rather than the fragrance) , it would be a great product for those of you who get annoyed by the fragrance as it's much more agreeable than those scented lotion yet it doesn't stink like those fragrance free ones from Clinique or Elizabeth Arden.
The texture feels very much like aloe vera (with a tad bit of lotion mixed in). It didn't make my face oily or cause any allergic reaction when I used a tad bit of it onn dry spots, but when I do use it in larger quantity, it gives me some rashes (Btw, plain aloe vera gives me rashes and itches as well so it might be just personal allergie).

I suppose it would be a great lotion for dehydrated on me, I seriously cannot tell anything else beside the texture, and smell...Yes, it does quench the skin but after a while, the surge of moisture just go away and since it's more of a hydrator, it would not provided much needed emollient if what you lack is actually the oil (Frankly, I get the same sensation for much much less from coming out of shower then sealing off the moisture with some "normal" lotion.)

So I guess it's a gimmick? Well, maybe not... Since I do have normal skin (oil secretion and water retention wise) ,which is not a targeting group for Skin MD shielding lotion, I am perfectly fine even when I am not using anything on me face so, additional product might just become useless and unnecessary (even it might work magic on others.). Another thing is that this lotion does cost 18 bucks, for drugstore product is a rip-off.

Anyway, according to the glowing reviews and the before and after pictures of eczema patient(The pictures were taken within a time frame of 2.67 years and I find it extremely difficult to believe that all the guy used was this lotion for a condition this severe.) Now I guess tis could be a life saver for those of you who have extremely dry skin.

Just make sure you have tried the shower-then-lotion method first.


  1. I'd love to give this a try. I have some slight dermatitis and think it may help calm my skin down and or at least protect it from allergens. If you are willing to part with it, I'd love to take it off your hands :)

  2. Hi C:
    I am sorry that I cannot ship my bottle because of some personal issues (I personally am grossed out that someone I don't know is using my left over. Another thing is that I am too cheap/lazy to send a used bottle of lotion to you, a person whom I don't know.). Anyway, if you are an active blogger, you can fill out a sample request form at their site. (Even if you are not as active, you can request sample pouches which can last for a couple of application.)

    I will wait to see the feedback on this post (the PR lady was nice enough to offer a giveaway but I don't feel like bugging her if there are 3 people interested.) and if people show sufficient interest I might hold a giveaway but right now, I don't feel like giving way something that I personally think can be replaced by shower steam (so I don't want to act fake and promote something that people might not like, it's just a waste of time from the PR lady, me and my readers.).

    Anyway, there is a store finder and it seems that many US drugstore carry this lotion (at least you can return it if you don't like it.)


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