Nars Eyeshadow Single in Fuji

A while ago I was looking at my eyeshadow stash and try to sort out some of my favorite, while I like all the Stila eyeshadow pans I have collected, I realized that the shadow I like to wear the most are the two used Nars duo (Habanera and Tokyo) I have gotten from a friend so I guess it's time for more?

Since most (if not all) of the time I only like one shade from the Nars eyeshadow duo anyway, I decided to just head for a single this time. Anyway, this eyeshadow single is called Fuji (looks nothing like the Fuji apple I loved as a kid, nor that Fujiyama volcano in Japan).
At first glance, NARS single eyeshadow is positively tiny (especially you put a blush/eyeshadow duo right next to it.) for 22 dollars. But when I compare it to other eyeshadow out there:

1. It contains quite a bit of products (2x that of a MAC eyeshadow)
2. Nars single eyeshadow are as big as Stila but the texture is much more pigmented and smooth
3. Stila eyeshadow single requires a pan you buy separately, which cost 2.5 dollars.
4. There is no fall out with Nars (all of the Nars shadow I have tried, single or duo) or dustiness like Stila shadow what so ever
5. It has a perfectly sized mirror that you can see your entire eye area even from a close distance.
6. Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadow also has a mirror and pretty packaging, but the texture is not fine enough to be used dry as tight-eyeliner.

It seems quite worth it after the comparison.
Nars Fuji eyeshadow is an army green with beautiful multidimensional shimmer. It reminds me of Stila jade eyeshadow/smudge pot (which is one of my favorite Stila shadow of all time), except the color looks more natural yet the finish is more delicate. It looks more natural in a sense that the color has a tad bit more brown/golden olive tinge and appear less "bright" like Stila Jade so it's very wearable both as shadow and liner as long as you don't go too smokey with it. You can certainly go for a smokey look with the shadow as the texture is very firmly pressed (not dusty like Stila) and easy to spread at the same time, I don't think I would attempt the look any time soon though. (The last time I did a moss green smokey eyes, my friend went what-the-hell-is-going-on with me.)
Fuji is a more interesting shade compared to Stila Jade because of the subtle shimmer it has. While Stila jade has a velvet finish with the golden shimmer you can many more colors in Fuji (orange, green, yellow,purple...) peaking through the shadow as if they come from different depth.

Overall, I think this is a great buy from Nars, especially for those of you who love the color green (I mean, I love the Habanera duo that I got for free yet I didn't call it a great buy as it has that plum which would be useless unless I am heading for that domestic violence route) as you can use it as an eyeliner or shadow, you can play up or tone down the color...I can't think of more praise but I really love this shadow!


  1. It looks nice! It reminds me of Sumptuous Olive from MAC, a veluxe pearl which is my favorite texture from the MAC shadow line. I'm liking Stila less and less too...

  2. I have heard of that color (many bloggers named it their top 10) but for some reason I just assume that I need a huge

  3. I swatched this in sephora today after reading this... It's not bad...
    But I find green such a tricky color on would you use it without looking like your eyes are molding? :S

  4. I am pretty lame so I just use it as tight liner (I only know 2 ways to wear eyeshadow 1.allover lid. eyeliner) so I don't have any molding problem. If you think green is too hard to manage, using it as an accent color (liner shade) and layering it with brown seems to be a nice choice like how Tomoko did her EOTD.

  5. Whoa! Love it! Some people are so creative with their eye makeup...
    I'm very lame also, usually i just follow instructions on the back of palettes...
    Give me a single eyeshadow and I wouldn't know what to do with it -___-

  6. Daituf:
    If you give me a palette, I will use the shade I like 1/2 from my lid then I wouldn't know what to do with the rest.

  7. It's such a pretty colour! I'm dying to try NARS!

  8. Marce:
    Sometime unavailability is a bliss as least you save lots of money on more "proper things".


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