Monday, November 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Deutsche Grammophon

Deutsche Grammophon (my favorite record company) is 111 years old! (Ahh, it messes up my layout again...whatever, it's Blechacz so it's fine...)

Remember a week ago I did a "What your type of guy" kind of post(the one I gave the dude the wrong name)? Well I should add a sub-title "the vain version". Anyway, if it were a serious version, Rafal Blechacz is totally my type.

Check out his Chopin concerto if you love classical music and got the time! (I have watched this clip for probably more than 1000 times since 2005.) He beat the crap out of the Korean brothers in the last round. (Nothing against Korean by the way, my own people/ Chinese didn't even get to the final round...)

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