Sunday, November 01, 2009

Cute boys, What's your type?

Apparently, my type is called (by a friend of mine) "Why-don't-you-just-marry-a-woman" type.
I remember the boy I liked back in elementary school was pretty enough to be mistaken for a very pretty girl...Anyway, my type of boys are: skinny (not anorexic and no bulky muscles please! ), clears eyes, shapely but not groomed eyebrows (you know when you see that high arc...on Zac Efron) and pretty hands like those of a classical musician or skillful surgeon (long, slender with long nail bed.)

What's you type?

P.S. The boy in the picture is Hongo Hinata (Edit: Kanata 本郷奏多) (This shows how much I suck at remember people's name...There was one lab session in which I just "assumed" my lab partner's name is David (well, he looked like one) and I had been addressing using that name for quite a while until I realized that he is a "Chris") and his hands are beautiful! (Like Hitler, I have a hand fixation.)


  1. wow that guy is pretty cute! and he does have beautiful hands!!

  2. ha ha, I had such a similar type in my teens. I evolved into having a couple of types, but I love the intelligent rebel boy/man with a heart of gold. So that makes a combi of looks and personality for me. However, I steer away from the too feminine prissy boys and men, as they are too obsessed with how society sees them...

  3. ""Why-don't-you-just-marry-a-woman" type."
    Ahahah, that's a good one!
    I find these type of boys very pretty. I don't think I'm attracted to them in that way...but I will always stop and stare when I see a boy that has pretty hair and delicate feature (like above)
    I would never date one...because he'll make me look bad :S

  4. lilluna:
    Too bad he just plays guitar, I personally look down(sort of) that's not classical music.

    My ultimate idol (Rafal Blechacz) also has that kind of beautiful hands but I kind of mentioned him 1000 times here and since my roommate said that he looked like a zombie/computer geek, I will refrain myself from posting more pictures here.
    That's very specific..."intelligent rebel boy/man with a heart of gold", you can tell unless you really know them though.

    I know what you are talking about for those prissy guy, sometime it's OK when a guy is born pretty, but when they realize that they are pretty and behave that way/actually "try" to remain pretty it gets pretty icky. (For example I can't stand Zac, Jesse, Chace ... because they do talk in a goose bump inducing voice...)
    Sometime guys make me jealous as well, especially their eyelashes!

  5. I don't think I'm attracted to this type. I definitely like more masculine. Like sporty and not too dainty looking. Oh, but I do love a guy who looks cute/hot in a suit.

  6. I love Hongo Kanata!!!
    If you like this kind of guy, check out Eita. He's a bit more muscular though, but not by much.

  7. Smiley:
    Yeah, I think most woman would like someone less frail...but since I am an ultimate wimp (can't do a sinle push up and flunk PE all my life) so I don't care about sport talent that much.

    Beauty Snap:
    *high five*

    Oops. I kept thinking that Hinata is his name because of Himitsu no Hanazono...Eita is alright, I do think his a good actor but I can't take him seriously as a "man" because of his capris pants in Last Friend...(Again, he *is* a very good actor to leave that kind of impression on me.)


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