Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vickery and Clarke Anti Oxidant Face Oil

Winter is here and let's get oiled up with Vickery & Clark Anti-Oxidant face serum! Vickery and Clarke is a relatively new sort of natural-oriented brand available at CVS, it seems that it didn't sell so well (even the retail price is pretty cheap) after a few months so they are all on clearance.

Each bottle of this so-called face serum is just a simple combo of caster/safflower seed/Vitamin A & E/jojoba oil with some fragrance added. You are supposed to use 3 drop in the morning or evening as pre-moisturizer treatment.
The oil-itself is nothing special since caster and safflower seeds oil are not known for their lightness (jojoba oil are generally quite easy to sink in but it's lower down in the ingredient list) , it feels a bit heavy and greasy but as long as I used a little, it doesn't turn my face into an oil field. Most of the time, I like to use it as a eyelid moisturizer (I use Vaseline as a base so the oil won't run everywhere and blur my vision) or a lash growth accelerator. As a moisturizer it works pretty well and it replenish the oil that usually lack around the eye area. As a lash growth accelerator , I can't really tell since...lashes are supposed to grow back anyway after you cut them...

The main reason I bought this bottle of oil, is actually the dropper dispenser (the liquid is sucked up by the vacuum created as you squeeze the tip of the plump then the oil get pushed up by air pressure.)
The design is actually as stupid as the reason I got this. Since oil has relatively low surface tension, (a low cohesive force and a high adhesive force compared to water) it actually adhere to the glass tube and it will drop down (more than the few drops you need) through the tube even when I don't squeeze the tips. I guess if this thing were truly a serum (which has a consistency closer to water than oil) , there would be at least some use for the pump.

Overall, nothing special but I like the pumper!


  1. I have tried their lip treatment...
    Coz i thought the packaging looked professional and must be from people who knows what they're doing... they are apothecaries after all...
    But Boo! It sucked like no other lip product has ever sucked so bad before!!!
    I was just appalled...
    Don't try it! Have I mentioned how much it sucks?

  2. I don't know what the pricing is like in Canada but in here this oil is 5 bucks (and 50% off when I bought it) so it's not a big deal...

    I was thinking about the lip treatment because I could always use some lip balm but they are sold out (at 1.5 bucks)during the sale.


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