Friday, October 02, 2009

A tragic accident...kind of...

Can you guess what happened yesterday?
I just found out yesterday that my beloved (but rarely used, I am too lazy) Shu Uemura eyelash curler has been squashed by something: The door? My giant buttock? My even bigger backpack?
You have served me well for the past year...I was hoping that this will last me quite a while (even with that stupid Shu-Uemura-curlers-should-be- discarded-after-100-uses things on the box) since I only use it a few times a year but now...Sorry mom and don't worry, I won't (am too chicken to) bug you to buy me another one in Hong Kong...

*Sobs* *Sobs* *Blows nose*


  1. *sings a funeral march song*

    It will be missed.

    I don't know what I would do if one of my expensive tools died. Well, I know what I would do, but I would feel horrible, since it feels like a waste.

  2. r.i.p eyelash curler!

  3. OH NO!!!!! Goodbye Shu!......may you rest in peace....girl?? I hope you ask your mom buy a new one in HK!!!! :)

  4. Kaoru:
    That's exactly how I feel, especially it actually works pretty well.

    I am not burying it...yet.

    My mom is going to yell at me if I do (if I make to many request she will just ignore me)...I think I will just look for some shiseido ones on adambeauty or something.

  5. Seeing as its already bent...maybe you can just experiment and try and rebend it...won't be perfect...but I used to do with my revlon curlers back in the day (cuz they didn't fit my eye shape)
    Anyway it is unfortunate :(

  6. Rasilla:

    I tried to do that the day I found out about the accident but the shu curler is constructed to be *very* tough that unless I step on it (tried this also, didn't work well if I am 300 pounds it might work)or hit it with a hammer, it probably won't re-bend...

    I know about the Revlon part, I had one that got bent while it's in my makeup bag...

    Thanks for your advice though.

  7. OMG the first pix reminds me of a women with her legs spread and her lady parts. LOL. I don't know why I notice that. Yeah I'm like reading all your posts cuz I'm sick in bed. Cool blog.


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