Scan me...

Because I got bar-codes! (I had to use my hand instead because it's too cold to wear short arm will be back in Spring...)


  1. WOW!
    What are those?

  2. A little bit of Too Faced and Kat Von D...then the rest are urban will take me a while to figure out which one is which though...

  3. they are really pretty!!! are they liners?

  4. Ooh I love the turquoise color in the 4th row. You are going to label these swatches later...right? haha. I love scanning things at CVS and Target. But especially CVS with it's awesome beep noise.

  5. Popcorn:
    Yup, they are eyeliner.

    It's Urban Decay liquid eyeliner in Minx. (I like to scan stuff at target as well, just to check if the thing is really on sale.)


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