Monday, October 26, 2009

Kat Von D Autograph Liquid Eyeliner

I am not that into Kat Von D because it seems that her brand only features bold colors that I can't pull off (and I think that a reality TV star use "Beethoven" as a name for her palettes is a bit degrading for the classical music geeks...) but I guess a tad bit of bright color would be alright...If and only if the colors are more interesting.

Anyway, these Kat Von D Autograph liquid eyeliners have boring color selection (eye-gasm is the only remotely interesting shade) a relatively sheer and flat finish and an average staying power. Black metal love is supposed to have some silver glitter but they are settles in one layer inside the bottle so I didn't pick any of those glitter up in the picture.

More colors...Still very boring. Don't buy hastily unless you have seen them in person and love them (you probably won't since the bottles aren't even that pretty.)

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