Wednesday, October 21, 2009

China Glaze Nail Color in Cherish

I don't get why some people are obsessed with OPI (remember that devil's double brush?) while China Glaze is totally the bomb when it comes to wacky and cool shades.

When I think metalic finish plus green, I though it would be disgusting...but look how China Glaze Cherish (from the Romantique Collection) totally rocks...

The formula is thick. creamy and opaque but the brush is easy to work with.

See? There is no huge brush strokes here or there (unlike Maybelline Go Go Green, which will be reviewed...eventually). The cuticles are messy as usually, what do you expect, I am not a nail blogger.
Further away...I think chrome nail polish like this should work pretty well for pedicure...


  1. hi! i basically JUST started my own blog, but i want to say I really like reading yours, especially when you do reviews, because your slightly blunt/sarcastic and tell it how it is (in a good way =])

  2. That's a beautiful, interesting green for sure! I really love how nice these photos look too.. guess I'm missing green scenery already.

  3. That's a gorgeous green shade, love it!


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