Friday, October 09, 2009

Beauty related (or not) news in brief

-Here is some cute photography and photo editing that will put a smile on your face

-Chinese Born British Charles Kao has gotten the biggest chunk (1/2) of the 2009 Nobel Prize for physics while two American guy each got a quarter.

- I don't really get the point of diamond but Gem of Life is an awesome drama.

-You guys who are waiting for the Shiseido and Maquillage lash curler review might have to wait for a month since I got bored 2 days ago and...chopped off my (top and bottom left and right) lashes...On the bright side, I have no lashes to pull right now. (I realize that it's called trichotillomania but I think I am fine because I experience no frustration, shame or anything...)

-Shiseido "redesigned" the silver lash curler and replace it with a new and seemly flatter one (which looks exactly like the Shiseido Maquillage one that has been out for around 2 years, I have always heard that Japaneses like to keep the best things for themselves.)

-Want to see a picture of the curler, click here. (The curler is also up in Sephora as well so check it out during their FF2009 sale if you haven't realized that 20% off is relatively trivial...)


  1. My friend shaved her entire head, and her hair grew back thicker and healthier...
    Perhaps it will happened to your lashes too? Provided that you cut them off and not pulled them out...

  2. I cut them off *and* pull them out when they are long...I consider it as a "survival of fittest" thing, only the whimpy ones get pulled out and the stronger ones remain. (OK, that's an excuse)

    I used to chop off my hair because I was bored (monthly for 2 whole years...)to a degree that I start to get mistaken for a guy (the dude just got the restroom door from me and entered...) and my mom was pleading: "you will be bald if you keep doing this!"

    I mean, it probably won't grow too much longer (if any longer)but at least it will reach the original lengh looking healthier.


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