Sunday, September 20, 2009

You know Vampire is the IT thing

When the cast of Gossip Girl starts to look like one...
I like Taylor Momsem much better in the first season (like the first episode), she looked adorable without any (noticeable) makeup. Jessica Szohr could ditch some bronzer as well... (I love her orgiginal honey skin with her blue eyes.)

Blair and Serena, who do you like better? (I am more of a Blair fan but Blake Lively has a really aproachable smile outside Gossip Girl so it's impossible to hate her.) Season three is a bit dry so far, I remebered the season one premiere was just scandalous...and now is just meh.

Anyway, I think Orthros no Inu is far more interesting at this moment.


  1. The clothes on gossip girl keep getting better, the makeup not so much. Taylor Momsem did look way better in the first season! She was so fresh and adorable, now shes kind of average...

  2. I personally always like Blair better b/c I never thought Blake Lively was THAT pretty. She's kind of growing on me though


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