Organix Tea Tree Mint Shampoo

Organix is a fairly new mid range shampoo available in drugstores (You know drugstore shampoo goes from VO5, Suave to Garnier Clairol then to Pantene and Dove...Organix is the next price range, just a bit cheaper than Bedhead in terms of unit price). Organix, at least from the ingredients, doesn't look like it's that natural (Like Burts Bees/Korres kind of natural) but SLS is all I care/scare of so I don't mind about all the chemical there.

I picked up the tea tree mint shampoo because I love the color of the penguin shaped bottle and anything that has to do with green tea. First, the shampoo has a slightly milky but predominately gel like texture and a faint yellowish green color that doesn't look overly artificial, actually it kind of reminds me of ...snot. (Well, that's a good start.)

While the texture doesn't bother me too much, the scent kind of does, as it smells like peppermint candy. I generally prefer candy made in Asian countries because they are prettier, more fun eat and not sickeningly sweet so a shampoo smell like something I don't eat is a bit of a turn off. Unlike those really natural shampoo, this bubbles quite easily which had me worried a bit as I always associate ample bubbles with itchy scalp afterward.

And for your record, it did itch...I guess peppermint oil only works well on lip balm...Anyway, I don't like how it smell either so I guess I will try different scent from the Vitamin shampoo line next time.


  1. Hmm... peppermint candy scented shampoo actually sounds good to me. :D

  2. Asami:
    It's more (sickeningly) sweet than it is minty...exactly like those American candies. If you like peppermint one, Avalon organic has one so does Burt's Bees (it's a shampoo brush that turn my Anna Sui cheek brush into an can see how much zing it provides.)

  3. I love peppermint so I had to give the Made from Earth organic "Tea Tree Shampoo" and "Peppermint Conditioner" a try. I've used Castille soaps before and never really loved the distinct smell they have.

    Anyway, the Peppermint Condition er and the Tea Tree Shampoo (from Made from Earth)are amazing and I LOVE the way it smells. And it really is true that you get a bit of tingle from the mint.

    I only use sulfate-free washes because they don't make me dry and itchy. Sulfate-free washes are pretty hard to find so do yourself a favor and buy this wash!

  4. I'm suspicious about this product, and here's why: in order for tee tree oil to be effective as a scalp treatment there has to be no less than five (5) percent of it in the shampoo (whatever the shampoo). Yet, the Organix bottle doesn't specify how much tee tree oil is in there. I've searched all over the net on this product and found nothing. If the company hides so carefully this crucial piece of information, I have to suspect it is because the facts are disappointing. Keep in mind that if the tee-tree-oil content is less than 5% then all you'll get is a eucalypty sort of smell, nothing more. Finally, tee tree oil is an essential oil that can be bought by itself, isolated, and then mixed with anything you like, any shampoo, or clear water if you prefer. That way you control how much of it you use and so on. I distrust this new product - plus, while searching the net, I've found many reviews saying it's not hydrating at all and is actually drying (bad news for me), and that it's ineffective in any way, just smells good. Of course, there's also a large amount of breathless praise, but that, I suspect, is astroturfing by Organix employees.

  5. Anonymous #1:
    I think those sulfate ones are easy to find nowadays even in the drugstore...and those shampoo (some of them) do perform relatively well.

    Anonymous #2:
    I personally never seen any positive praise about the products. But I never regard the shampoo as a form of scalp treatment (I just thought that tea tree mint is a scent. lol)and if you look at it that way,it does seems to be a gimmick but I am sort of used to all those advertisement so I never took them seriously.

    FYI,if you really like scalp and hair care treatment, you might want to try out those Oshima Tsubaki oil, it's just plain/pure Japanese camelia oil for hair care.I personally like it a lot as hair treatment and face lotion.


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