Green Nail Polishes

If you are a frequent lurker of Michelle at All Lacquered Up, you would know that green nail polish is quite popular for fall 2009.
I never care much about what color is in style but green has been my favorite color since I was 12 so this "Green Trend" is a perfect excuse to dig these up. I have 5 bottles of green nail color (beside the Milani, all were below 2 bucks, after sale/coupons etc.) at this moment but I am having my eyes on 2-3 more. By the mean time , here are some drool-worth green nail colors I found over the net

1. Zoya Midori
2. Chanel Jade
3. China Glaze Tree Hugger
4. NYX Lime Sparkle
5. Illamasqua Hectic
6. Misa The Grass is Greener
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  1. Thank you vv much for the link for the lipstick swatches~

    I've wore green nail polish before and omg it doesn't suit me though... it's really good if you can carry it well... cos not many can~


  2. I kinda sensed green polish is the IN thing now! i am intrigued with a nice kind of green! I will be looking for it :)

  3. I love green nailpolishes...I have to wear the Misa grass is greener one time soon

  4. I really love how ur background is outside!
    Think I'll steal your idea...Hope it's alright?
    You camera take really good photos... DSLR?

  5. Daituf:
    Lol, it's just my balcony and a 100 buck (should be a lot cheaper now) sony cyber shot on automatic mode. Feel free to take the idea becuase everybody is entitled to take picture at their backyard.

  6. Green is one of my favourite colors but I've always been too scared to wear it on my nails. I usually stick to pinks and blacks. Maybe it's time I give it a go, all the polishes you posted are gorgeous!

  7. Gio:

    I have to admit, some green look creepy on me. I actually only like to buy nail polish in unusual color becuase (unless the finish is really pretty/shade is really unique) I prefer my bare hands over painting them with standard shades like beige and pink.


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