Sunday, September 06, 2009

Eyeliner Brushes Roundup: Stila Tarte Sonia Kashuk

It's almost a bit shameful saying this, but I think eye lining is the only "make up skill" I somewhat mastered(well, beside lip color, but how hard can applying lipstick it be anyway?).With the appropriate tools, I can do a smooth line, a smudgy one or a natural one that doesn't even look like eyeliner.
Of course, many girls can just achieve similar effect with pencil liner (you all should know all pencil eyeliner I have tried either smudge like crazy or don't go on at all) but I just prefer to do it with a brush because it seems more fun and less violent. (I am not a big fan of pulling my eyelids and poking my eyeballs.)

Anyway, let's head to the brushes.

Tarte Flat Eyeliner Brush
Sturdy handle and barrel
Stiff and concentrated
Gives a very precise line
Doesn't hurt although it's stiff

The white hair might drive anal people nut after it gets stained (so you have to wash it after every use)

Good For: Precision or tight lining with pigmented and creamy eyeshadow. (Stila Ray, poppy oasis, jade and the minty side of Nars Habanera)

Stila #4 Precision Eyeliner Brush
very soft pony
Both the flat and side can be used
There are 3 sizes available and they all work well
1) Black long handle
2) Silver short handle
3) Freebie comes with gift set

Con:Can't think of one
Good For: Detail works on tiny spots with cream shadow of all kinds, Stila Smudge pots, powdered eyeshadow.

Stila #13S One Step Eyeliner Brush
Pretty Silver handle
The cross session is super fine
Perfect for ultra natural tight line

Con: The hair will go from |||||| to \\\/// after you use it for a while
Stila discontinued it. (Why?)

Work well with: Powdered shadow.
Stila #13 (Long handle) One Step Eyeliner Brush
Stiff, dense and precise
There aren't any "flyaway" with this one


Good For: More precise and slightly thicker line
Work well with: Powdered shadow

Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Eyeliner Brush
Sleek black packaging
Soft and bendable tip
The Curves it has makes it a nice hair pin (the parts curve out secure the hair better)
Looks like it can double as a lip brush

Can't really be used as a lip brush (Hard to clean it up afterward)
Too expensive at 10 bucks
The handle feels a bit light and flimsy

Good For: Very diffused line with powdered shadow (which can already be achieve by other small brushes.)
Victoria's Secret Precision eyeliner brush
Doesn't feel flimsy
Cheap (3 dollars on clearance 75% off)

Looks incredibly cheap

Good for: Gel eyeliner

Stila Line and Smudge brush
Gives a smooth application
comes with smudger ends

A bit steep for an eyeliner brush

My favorite among them is probably Stila #4, it's quite versatile and comfortable to the touch, Tarte would make the second place but I wish the hair weren't so light so I can get away washing it less often.


  1. You like the #4 more than the smudge and line brush? Yay! I think I will get this when there is some sale or something. I really wanted to get the smudging brush during the 20% discount, but I wanted 3 convertible colors so I didn't get that. Haha.

  2. Smiley13tree:
    Yeah, I just happen to use it all the time
    there is a short freebie one that comes with mini smudge pots, it works exactly as well as the other sizes. The longest one was from beauty crunch which cost me 5 bucks.

  3. I've always wanted to try Sonia Kashuk brushes, maybe if I have friends who'll visit there, that's no. 1 on my list :)


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