Friday, September 25, 2009

Burt's Bees Willow Bark Scrub and Hand Repair Creme

A while ago I saw a set of Burt's Bees product called Earth Goddess set on sale and guess what/ It's time to stock up something I love (the cuticle cream and lip balm) while trying out the new ones (full sized lip gloss, mini hand cream and scrub.)
1. The Super Shiny Lip Gloss, with a scent lip products, is a bit disgusting, as the gloss is 100% natural. The base of the gloss is caster oil plus beewax. I usually prefer a more "chemical" (come on, water is a chemical compound!) based lip balm as they are less runny and offer a nice soft shine or slightly jelly finish. This just feel like some (not even well blended) oil and beewax...the texture is a bit on the thin side so each glide will give you a very thin layer of oil and some minimal shine.
Playful nude is a beige one but you might as well just buy any of the shades and get similar effect as the color payoff is close to zero. You might see some nude-down factor of the lips but that it's just caused by the shimmer particles reflecting lights off. In short, it's doesn't work as lip gloss.

Not only it's quite lousy when use as a gloss, it doesn't even do much as a balm either. Since oil and wax only seal in moisture (while things like petrolatum or glycerin based one provides a wet feel) sometime it can feel weird having dry lips with a layer of oil/wax on top when the layer doesn't even draw moisture in like glycerin. Because of the formula, sometime the tip get clogged up and it takes a lot of effort to squeeze it out. When that happened to me, a huge glob of oily snot just flew out from the other end...

2. I love the lilac packaging of the shea butter hand repair cream, the formula, not so much. It's very runny and smell like some ointment. A full sized would cost 12 bucks. I am glad that I tried the mini before hand.

3. Peach Willow Bark Scrub- the scrub actually smell like natural peaches (I prefer the artificial peachy scent though) as they used tiny crushed particle of peach seed as defoliant. The tiny particle are huge and very grainy, it's not necessarily a bad thing as some scrub can have ultra find particles that cuts like tiny flecks of glass. Anyway, this one is nothing special, you could get slightly better one at half the cost from St.Ives.

4. I love the Pomegranate lip balm (this should be my 4th tube?) and the lemon butter cuticle balm (this one is a mini btw) so no further review needed. The candle smells pretty nice but since I don't plan to burn down my room any time soon, I won't be using it.


  1. I have bought a set too and I left the cuticle cream behind, I didn't use it because I am too lazy to put on cuticle cream :(

  2. Great products.. i like the pomegranite lip balm they make. I dont like the taste of the honey one but it is good.
    I use the bug bite balm too..its the only thing that can calm mosquito bites!!

  3. nice collection of burt'bee yum yum
    haha you will take forever to finish'em
    am learning to finish all my stuff before gettin new one..somehow i have never succeeded with lipgloss or lippie or lipbalm lol

    i've tried loccitane honey scrub lip balm treatment..its a POT and tough to
    then i went get a new jillstuart lip balm..

  4. Nikki:
    I used to have a tub that I barely touch for one year because I don't like how thin each layer is, then I realized that I can scrape a tiny glob with the back of my thumb nail. So I finished a full sized one within a half a year.

    I should totally get the green ointment, I just got around 20 big mosquito bumps yesterday while taking pictures (of nail polishes) in my balcony.

    I finish up lip gloss/balm all the time so I never buy expensive balm and rarely buy expensive lip gloss, it will burn a big hole in my wallet. Jill Stuart lip balm has that really pretty tub but I saw a picture with a tiny scratch on the metallic lid, revealing the plastic...That pretty much ruined it for me. No Jill Stuart for me...


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