Thursday, September 24, 2009

2009 Fall Makeup Trend ( What a snobby title...)

Every season, one of my favorite bloggers PJ used to do a seasonal trend report, I don't think I will ever write as well as her (my writing is decent enough for people who type lab reports all the time, you guys just have to deal with it.) but it's still fun to trace out the trend in the new releases. So let's see where the trend is heading!

1.Starry Night- (If Vincent is still alive, would he be mad now that everybody is using his ideas? )
Anyway, Starry Night seems to be an dominating theme in Japanese cosmetics. Beside the obvious Lunasol Star Purification collection and the Little Prince inspired Tsumori Chisato for Shu Uemura collection, many other lines such as Jill Stuart, Chic Choc . Even Stila have come up with something that resemble the night sky.

Tsumori Chisato for Shu Uemura. Looks like a wallet killer for the cat people as well. Stila Holiday Mini Smudge Pot Quad The blue one with golden shimmer is called Starry Night.

Lancome Declaring Indigo collections. I am not a big fan of the brand (Beside their juicy tubes)

While not many Western brands added "Starry" in their collection but look at all those glittery nail polishes that have been released by brands like Illamasqua, China Glaze OPI and all these eyeshadow, eyeliners and nail polishes in a shade of deep blue, don't they all remind you of the night sky?

2. Green Nail Colors:
Apple green, soft green, moldy green, alien mucus there a green that you haven't seen in this season?

3. Purple- Shades of purple has always peeked out here and there for the past few seasons (Remember the pretty lavender whip and fashion mew lipsticks from MAC ?) now the color has finally taken a full blow in fall 2009 and it's literally everywhere. I think it's a good news for every girl because I think purple is a universally flattery color for eyes.

MAC holiday collection Magic Mirth and Mischief. Is it just me or this model looks like a white version of Kuriyama Chiyaki? If you know who she is?

Dior Holliday 2009 Cristal Boreal Collection

Cle de Peau (omg this model is gorgeous! ) -Beautiful eyeshadow single that cost an arm and a leg.

Urban Decay Book of Shadow Vol. II
Taiwanese Brand Chic-Choc (A Japanese brand that got sold to Taiwan.) I like her lime nails while at the same time I feel like barfing a bit because of her "cutie-pie" expression. Ewww.

Agyness Deyn for Anna Sui Rock me fragrance...I missed the old time when Jessica Stam, Heather Marks (Why do you have to go to Nars?) were the face of brand...And Anna Sui bottles are sure getting uglier by the seasons.

4. The "Recession/Depression Colors"
I don't know if you have heard it from your history teacher back in high school that during depression, women tend to dress up in a more gloomier shades. While we don't see straigh gray running around in the makeup counter we can certainly see its footprints: All those moody green eyeshadow, dirty lilac nail polish...Oh, haven't you seen that lipstick in taupe from MAC?

In the other end while MAC is heading for the session crowd, there are many lines that decided to head for the polar negative: they headed back to the disco ball 80s with all those almost neon bright colors. Well, I guess we all need some color to pop out from the gray outfits.

5. Dark Lips -There are many of you who love the look of nude lips or should I say "where are my lips" look. My mouth is kind of big, there isn't really a defined lip shape (like a cupid bow) and my natural lip color is quite deep so nude colors generally make me look sicks or just plain weird...In the other hand, I do love those rich and dark plummy lip colors because they do ring up my sickly purple undertone(I used to play with my mom's Guerlain when I was a kid, I remember there was a wine lipsticks that looks so pretty).

Another good thing about dark lip colors is that,not only they makes my twin sausages smaller and appear to be more delicate, I can also fake a cupid bow (I am so jealous of people who have heart shaped lips) now the color is so deep. I think I totally need a separate post just for deep lips alone. P.S. the post might take a while because I need a sunny day to take nice pictures with that Sony Cyber shot...

Ok, here we are, at the end of fashion report, what do you think about these trend (of course you can wear whatever shade you prefer, regardless they are trendy or not) ?

For me, I hate stellar astronomy with a passion (it was so much worse than programming that I couldn't even snore it away.) and I hate glitters and bling, Starry Night would be a no thanks although I do like the idea. The Green trend in nails gave me an excuse take a even heavier dose of the color (like my pants, towels, bag, wallet, sneakers are not green already) but I think I kind of over-killed the thing already(I have gotten too many bottles already). Some grayed out lilac is nice when used for nail polish but I doubt I will wear anything ashy on my lips. Purple is already a much beloved color of mine but I think I still like cool/soft lilac eyeshadow better so I will just admire the models in a distance.


  1. Urban Decay Book of Shadows II is calling my name!!!

  2. what an amazing collection of fall trend you are sharing~~
    really like lunasol theme for star river!
    i neeed more purple shades this fall !!!

  3. I'm surprised you say you have lab reports but spell tear ducks when it is tear DUCTS. besides that i like the other links you post to asian blogs :]

  4. Renee:
    Thanks, now I just have to find the "tear ducks" and fix them (For some random reasons I assume it's "duck" because tears "duck" out from there) . I hate reading through my posts, every time I do that, I find a ton of typos...Anyway, feel free to point out if I make some ridiculous mistakes again.

    P.S.If you wonder, I type physics lab reports most of the time (no body part is involved!) and that's probably the reason why my writing have been going downhill ever since, MLA English and geek English are two completely different things... (You will know what I mean when you take a look at the writing from some engineering/physics textbooks).


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