Revlon Coconut Crush Nail Color

Coconut Crush Nail Color (From the Fruitful Temptation collection featuring several scented nail polish, where the gorgeous Not So Blueberry is from) I was expecting a yummy piƱa colada from it since the Not So Blueberry smells kind of nice.

Coconut Crush is a white with a polyester satin finish. (you know, the kind of satin that looks cheap) . The color is bland enough but it also smells pretty bad, like a mixture of molten plastic and a Neutrogena foot cream or hand cream that smell so bad that I can only bare it on my feet.

With only one coat. The color is actually not ugly but the scent is already overwhelmingly disgusting enough that it gave me the worst cosmetic induced headache ever. (I thought my mom's Dior Green Poison and all those high school girl with Britney Spear perfume walking around the hallway was bad enough...Apparently they were no match for this bottle of cheap polish.) It would be by far the most nasty smelling beauty-related item I own.

For some reason, this bottle I got is extremely gooey and bubbly that it was impossible to get a decent coverage and even finish at the same time. I always have some issues with Revlon nail polish like how the dark color gets muddy when I layer on, but this bottle is just impossibly gunky like someone had opened the bottle and try the color on (speaking of which, this bottle does seem used)



  1. this looks exactly like Platinum! but I am sorry about the gooey-ness...I didn't think Revlon would be that way!

  2. Nikki:
    It's not really Revlon's fault that this bottle is gooey, just some random irresponsible, cheap (this bottle of polish was at most 4 bucks and she couldn't just buy it to use it.) b***h who tried it on and then left the bottle there.

    People like that piss me off like no others.

  3. Haha you bust me up! Your blog is seriously one of my most favorite ones to read! Also, those kinds of finish always end up streaky on me, but they do dry fast huh :D

    LOL Oh you'll love this, I also saw yet another woman trying on different pencil eyeliners on her arm in Wal-Mart the other day. I wish I had the nerve to say something to people that do that..


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