Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jane Blushing Cheek Powder Blush

I usually prefer more expensive blush because they tend to have a finer texture and tougher packaging that will survive my torture. (I mean, all blush kind of look the same on the face unless you are talking about clown makeup.) But my view totally change after I tried the Jane powder blush: the color is really natural, finish is very fine and their compact are quite anti scratch, like these two powder blushes I have gotten.

Jane Blushing Cheeks in Blushing earth sheer and blushing baby doll. Both of them comes with a sturdy black packaging with screw top, the round case isn't too chubby or cheap-looking, but if if comes with a jointed lid (like MAC) it would be so much less time-consuming to use it.

Blushing Earth Sheer is a bright peach. (While somebody called it peachy pink, I seriously can't see any hint of pink at all, at least on my face.) with a very nice silvery sheen, as opposed to the golden sheen from Benefit Coralista blush. The texture is pretty fine once it's on the face and the silvery sheen just adds a really nice glow.

Blushing Baby Doll is my favorite between the two, it's look like a bronzer or very dark foundation with eyes but it doesn't look orange or sallow at all once it's on my face: It's a very fresh peachy tint that looks incredibly delicate and natural, just like how the faces of little girls (whose skin tone is already pinkish).


  1. I love Jane blushes! I have both of these, and I agree with you about the Blushing Earth Sheer...I dont see any pink at all.

  2. These are my favorites! I'm so sad it's discontinued :(


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