Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sally Hansen Diamond 12 hr Treatment in Flawless

These Sally Hansen 12 Hr Diamond Lip Treatment are decent glosses, but not quite re-purchase worthy due to the high unit price (7 dollars for 2.6ml of gloss) and not so interesting color selection. But why do I have another one now?

I was just picking up stuff to send to my mom. Do you know picking cosmetic for mom is so freaking difficult, as she is tanner that I am and has different undertone than I do, not to mention she is the type of person who never uses cheap stuff. You all know, I am all about cheap. (I got this part of the genes from my dad, unfortunately.) So I was just attempted to infect my mom with some of my cheap-ness.

Anyway, I decided to still chuff something to make the package look bigger alone with a tube of lipstick (expensive one, as I can only afford one) and some fish oil multi-vitamins . Since mom has the typical warm undertone, I went for orange.

But when I was packing everything up, I just couldn't find this tube then I was like "screw it, I am just going to send the other stuff."

A few weeks later, this tube of lip gloss magically reappeared and what else can I do that doesn't require waste of energy (donating lip gloss is a bit weird)? Blog about it, of course. Since I do have a blog lying around.

Flawless is a thick in texture, relatively sheer in color, tangerine gloss with golden shimmer as well as a fuchsia sheen. (Although the gold is more prominent) the texture is not as jelly like as the other one Baguette I have as the shimmers added quite a big of coarseness in the gloss.

Diamond 12 hr Lip Treatment in Flawless is is lot grittier than Baguette (thanks to the shimmer) and while the color is relatively sheer, a good deal of orange still show and if you look really carefully, you might be able to pick up some fuchsia sheen it has.

Another thing (beside the unit price) I don't like about the gloss is that the lip brush gets split by the thick gloss when you push the applicator back in, going altogether place and after a while, a chunk of hair just fall out.

P.S I will avoid direct sunlight in the future, it warmed everything up...


  1. Hahaha you got the genes from your dad? Very interesting! I'm surprised your mom didn't influence you in what beauty products you use..

  2. Fuz:

    My mom only uses pressed powder and one or two lipsticks, she doesn't need anything beside those (so there are not much to influence on) but I just like to buy a lot of cheap crap when they are on sale (but I am bare faced most of the time actually) maybe when I am ready for commitment, I will only have 1 or 2 lipsticks around but right now I like to slather on different lip gloss (that all look sort of the same.)

    She does use a lot of whitening products though, I don't think any of them worked (nor I need them)...

  3. fish oil and vitamins! my mom once (ok, more than once) took a whole suitcase full of supplements and vitamins to asia to distribute among friends and family! but anyway... i looked at your swatch hand. i like that babypink mulberry! is it only available overseas? i googled.. without success.

  4. Smmmitten:

    Babypink is only available in Hong Kong or Macau I believe (maybe in Japan, since it is a low-end Japanese brand) or you can find it (unpopular shade) infinitely inflated on eBay...

    yeah, it seems that people always get supplement (probably only works least it makes her feel better.) My mom like perfume a lot though, a while back I managed to find a 4.2oz( 100ml) Escada (the green one) perfume for only 20 bucks and I bought it for her, she was quite happy (although, I was just using my allowance...she gave me.)

  5. hahaha you got your genes from your dad? you sure? hehhehe you're so sweet to get something for your mom, but its really difficult if the person you're giving gift to have expensive tastes! My brother has really expensive taste so it's super difficult to buy him gifts too!


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