Thursday, July 02, 2009

Prestige Soft Blend Eyeliner Pencils

Prestige is pretty good at making liquid eyeliner and their pencils. These Soft Blend are one type which is pencil on one side and a blending sponge at the other side. (Kind of like Stila convertible eye color minus the loose shadow in the middle) Just like the name, the pencils are pretty soft and the sponge (got cropped out in the picture) blends quite well.

I got four of these color Prestige eyeliner pencils from Walgreen.

Leaf Shimmering sage green (like a greener, less olive/warm version of Stila Jade) . The color is rich and the texture is a bit soft and smudgy but it goes on eyes quite easily.

Lagoon The shimmery turquoise has a nice color concentration and stiffness that it doesn't smudge out that easily, it looks perfect on the back of my hand but it's a bit too hard to go on on softer skin on the eyes.

Jasmine matte navy , the color is very thin even on the back of my hand (takes quite a few layers to get a tad bit of color) on the eyes, it's much worse.

Chamomile shimmery creamy cafe latte with similar texture and color pay-off as the green one.
The wooden part of the pencil looks really hard and tough but the hardness of the cord varies with different color so the quality kind of varies as well. When you see it close up, you can tell that these pencils are quite well made and look kind of expensive.

The swatch, beside the obvious loser on the left, the pencils are not that creamy and doesn't go on nicely on my eyelids. Keep in mind, eyeliner either doesn't go on or they smudge on my eyes, there is no exception so far from what I have tried.

I would say that the safe thing to do is to skip the matte shades because there is no way that my hand is more delicate than a human's eyelid. (If it's waxy on hand, it won't go on at all on the eyes.)


  1. nice colors! i'm always on the look out for great eye liners that go on easily and stay on for a long time. Thanks for the tip about the matte ones :)

  2. I like how you take photos of the products on a rock.. hahah.

  3. thanks for the tip, i was trying to pick whether prestige or bourjois pencil eyeliners are better. still dont know yet but i'll keep the waxy part in mind. lol

  4. thanks! I've read so much good stuffs about Prestige liner! Thank goodness I read your review, I'll skip it!

  5. amunaree:
    For me, it's either one or the other. Stila and nars goes on very easily but they smudge right away, I think it has more things to do with my lids than anything else.

    They are actually fossils. (Of course I have to take a 5 minute walk get to the place.)

    I think Bourjois/Prestige are probably around the same quality...

    I personally think that if you are really interested, you should see other people's reviews first.

  6. ohh I love these colors, can I see you use these on your eyes? I just want to see what it looks like when you put it on! Thanks!

  7. Fancy:

    I am sorry but, these pencils colors actually don't go on my eyes (it's really hard to get those color on my areas but it's goes on the back of my hand better because the skin there is thicker...) It's just my skin's problem (all eyeliner I have tried either cakes, doesn't go on or smudge right away...) , I think the skin surface is not micro-porous enough to suck in the pigments.


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