Saturday, July 25, 2009

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Tinted Moisturizer

After all the tests and fails (not to mention those horrible reactions), I just don't want to give up, huh? Anyway, here is another base makeup item!

By the way, when I say "Base Makeup", I am not talking about makeup base or primer. I mean the "canvas makeup", like tinted moisturizers, concealer, foundation, setting powder etc. Japanese companies usually categorize their products as either base makeup or point makeup(Blusher, eyeshadow, liner, lipsticks etc.)
I got this Physicians Formula tinted moisturizer because their mineral loose powder (Although it cakes like it's nobodies business) is the only base makeup that didn't cause horrible reaction on my skin...I figured that maybe I will have a little luck with their tinted moisturizer as well? Anyway, the ingredients list of this mineral tinted moisturizer is considerably longer than that of the looser powder, I am sure it's not all that natural but I don't really mind anyway, as "Natural" products give me far worse reactions.

The formula of this is relatively thin compare to the Laura Mercier smeared on paint that Physicians Formula tinted moisturizer looks much like a moisturizer than actual foundation. It doesn't feel heavy on my skin and the best part is that it kind of blend in and I don't see cakeyness (Yay!) but this thing also takes quite a while to dry (it never quite fully dries) and when I layered shimmery coral blush on top, it turned muddy (Coralista gives me a beautiful sheen when I use it on bare skin) ...

The tinted moisturizer doesn't seem to have a very heavy coverage to start with (which I am okwith ) but the thing completely disappears after 4 hours, I mean, I don't have porous skin (the only thing I care/am scared of) so why do I even bother putting this on anyway?

The wetness and lasting power are not the only bad parts: I got the shade Fair to Light knowing that I am definitely not the lightest shade (I doubt I am as white as white people) but this one is so dark and it seems to have a strong red tinge...Do you know what's dark+red on me? Sunburn.

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