Wet n Wild Chrome Nail Lacquer in Cobalt

Beside the one in Brass which I posted earlier, I also got a Wet n Wild Chrome Nail Polish in Cobalt from the new releases and I really love this shade. (I keep it for 2 days instead of the standard 1-day-max for most polishes I wear.)

It's a deep teal with subtle shimmer and a satin finish. The formula is nice and fast drying (just like most Wet n Wild polishes) and the color is so deep and peacock!

It's also the "loudest" nail polish I have, there is no way people will not notice it and it looks a bit weird sometime when I am not dressing up. (I rarely do so.)


  1. It's really pretty! I also must say you're fingers look so slim and young!

  2. Nikki:
    I love this kind of peacock colored polishes as well, especially during summer.


    Thanks...I got my hands (feet, skin/hair color)from my dad

    btw, I am not going to post the scan of my birth certificate here, but I *am* young...But old enough to earn my own money

  3. Reminds me of the Little mermaid!!

  4. I love the color, it's very pretty!


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