Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Lemmings from Anna Sui, Guerlain and MAC

#1 Anna Sui has a new comb and hair oil (which smells like roses, *Gasps*) Floral is totally my cut of tea.
For the black comb with rose relief, I will just admire it as a distance through my computer screen as I don't use plastic combs. ( They cause some annoying statics and I am a very electricity friendly person who gets shock all the time).

At the mean time, I am waiting to see other people's review on the hair treatment oil, if the bottle looks very plastic, if the price is too steep or if it contain more silicone than what I can tolerate, I will skip this as well.

I like the those rouge G (G for glossy, the one with black cap) in cherry red though, the one I have is sheer and moisturizing. The rouge S looks like they have nice colors, but I don't like the texture that much, maybe I should try the velvet formula as well.

If you can maneuver in Chinese, Click here to see the whole line up and where I stole the pictures from.

My #2 lemming is from kanebo Kate, and this has nothing to do with the products (they are too expensive for drugstore. ) I screen captured so many pictures from the site, hopefully they won't sue me.

Diamond and eye.

Nakashima Mika looks so nice here. (I want her long raven hair and her clothes!)

Detailed eyemakeup.

The quad looks pretty bleh though...(I like the lace glove!)

#3It's Natalia again!
I think the picture is a tad bit unflattering(I still think she is pretty.) , who kind of look like a combination of fisherman's daughter and a hobo. Why do people think that mouth open means sexy? (I always though it looks retarded, at least on me I guess.)

Look at that mother of pearl case! (And screw the contouring powder, chubby face rules! Back in Toronto I used children's ticket all the way to 16 and no bus driver ever said a thing)

And from the much anticipated Color Craft collection , I actually found something that I might be able to pull off.
MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow

I am interested in the purple and gold combo called "Eccentricity". I admit, the name is just so catchy reminds me of the how I suffer in one of my old classes (the worst part is that I couldn't even fall asleep)

Hello, orbital eccentricity and binary star systems...I was such an idiot to think that Stellar Astronomy= Awesome Astronomy.

Anyway, I doubt I will get any of these becuase...the promo poster are lot more interesting than the actual things...

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  1. I agree that promo pics always look so amazing because of all the photoshop. The eyeliner in the Color Craft image is amazing. I don't think the open mouth is that sexy either. Coco Rocha always has her mouth open it's annoying D:<

    I really like the eye makeup Nakashima Mika has on.


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